read a lot. Then up to eat my grits. They'd been 'brewing' in the mini rice cooker
Just added some salt 'n pepper 'n butter. Scrumptious!

Last night I did whip up my curried chicken made with CoC soup. The Keen's Curry powder box said 'Use by Sept '04', but it still tastes great and has some zing to it.

I just sent another email to Brittini, she never answered my last one, or perhaps didn't get it. I have asked her to acknowledge receipt of this email from my business yahoo email account. It has their contract attached. I am gathering together some vows to send to both couples for them to choose from. Dustin said he just wants me to sign the marriage certificate. Perhaps Samantha would like the 'I now pronounce you wife and husband' or something. ;-)

A week or so ago I did buy 2 long plastic troughs, potting soil, gloves, watering can, trowel and shovel to plant the Mexican Bird of Paradise seeds with. Will try and get to that later this afternoon. The hot sun is still on the back patio right now.

I seem to have taught the ants a lesson. I see a stray one or two but they are swifty squished and drowned never to return.