Thought I'd see if I can write a blog here in Firefox and have all the editing capabilities and hit enter to start a new paragraph and VIOLA I can! So it is a Windows 8 issue. BUT I could not add comments at all from the office yesterday, don't know what ancient version of Windows they have. Ipernity is like a roller coaster, up and down and twisting and turning.

Nothing much happening today, just glad to not be working. I dislike that place, systems are soooo slow, some agents are not nice, but make it as fun as possible. When the fun agents are on floor duty the time passes quickly. When Marie, who ran the movie night on Saturday, asked if we all wanted to do it again I said 'Yes, please but start at 4:30, so I don't have to leave work early and miss out on some pay.' I thought afterwards, it is only $4.50 before tax, big deal! LOL

Still battling ants, I wipe them up with a cloth and stick it in a bowl of water. They just keep on coming evening wiping down surfaces with vinegar.

I was looking at real estate here in Oro Valley yesterday and found a great patio home in a quiet area (I drove past it to check it out), price has just been reduced to $167,500. Interest rates have gone up to 4.5% so all up, payments would be $225 more than what I am paying in rent. It is a very large place, 1,600 sq. ft. this place is about 1,200, double carport at the front with locked storage. Huge living space, tiled dining room with a huge skylight above it, and eat-in updated kitchen with light maple cabinets and white appliances (side by side fridge with water on the outside of the door), just what I want. The backyard looked beautiful, largeish but maintenance free. Big covered patio that faces south, high hedge at the back and great mountain views. C'mon universe! Firefox won't let me paste the URL, any trick to that, Mickey?

Just vegeing out today, bacon 'n eggs will be had. Curried chicken I think tonight made with CoC soup. I can start grilling/BBQing again, will get a couple of slabs of ribs next time I get to the store and slather them in sauce. Toss on some of the baby sweet potatoes I found at Trader Joes too, oh and some corn on the cob. Last time I went to TJs I complained about plums that never ripened and got a free replacement pack. They did the same before when I complained about bad avocadoes, gave me a free bag.

I did watch the 4 part series of Luther last night. Man, that was EVIL! Very well done but it was very hard to watch sometimes, thank goodness for fast forward. I always speed up through chases and icky bits.

PERFECT weather here, blue skies, high of 90F/30C, low of 58F/14C.