When I was a child, on Sundays, we'd have our hot dinner in the early afternoon and then at 6pm, when Disney came on the television set (as it was called back then), we would sit down to Popcorn, Apples and Cheese. Twas a lovely tradition I have never forgotten. Today, I was able to leave work early, the floor agent was willing to lock up for me, very kind of her. A delightful, very petite lady, Pat is. We had a great chat, she was thrilled that I am so excited about my new business and loves my website. So off I drove to Catalina, only took me 15 mins. to get there. The Mind & Body Empowerment Center was having a movie night from 4 to 6pm. The owners, mother and daughter Ann and Marie, of the New Moon Haven store, run the M&BEC meetup next door in the big room they rent out. Ann is a member of the Spiritual Cinema Circle and receives a DVD every month with a few short movies, one longer one, with questions to ponder afterwards and discussions about the movies. www.spiritualcinemacircle.com It was a delightful time. Marie setup the classic popcorn machine and we all had a bowl to start. We had a break after the first hour to get another bowl and sat down to watch the longer movie, unfortunately I missed the whole thing as I fell asleep, their discussion of the movie was fun, I wish I had seen it. I got home and had the apples and cheese, to complete the trio. I did call Brittini, the bride to be, on Friday and asked if she got my email. She had not. So I sent 3 test emails, one from Open Hearts Unite, one from Marry Me in Tucson and one from my business Yahoo account. She only got the one from my business Yahoo account. That’s annoying! (I’m wondering if Kent got any of the emails I sent.) Anyway, I got my Welcome letter to her and she has sent me a few short emails answering some of my questions. She didn’t get my PayPal Invoice either. We are going to have a call on Wednesday. It turns out she wants the wedding at sunset on ‘A’ mountain, in the gazebo at the top. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentinel_Peak_(Arizona) They only want a basic ceremony with traditional vows with a few people at this wedding, then they are going to have a large wedding in 2 years, with a sand ceremony and written vows when their daughter is old enough to participate. How lovely is THAT? I hope I get to do that wedding too! Christine and Jim do not want the free renewal of vows ceremony and video, as I thought. I have asked Pam if she and Frank will do a ‘fake’ wedding, she is asking him over the weekend. I asked ‘Would you like to star in a video? A clean one of course!’ I did walk up in to my desert backyard and found an excellent flat, wide open space to hold weddings. I'll clear a couple of lil plants and make a circle of rocks. Spring would be fabulous here with the cholla and Ocotillo cactus in bloom. A closer view of the Santa Catalinas. I tried to cut back the Palo Verde tree, to open up my mountain view, with my secateurs and then a saw, not happening. That tree is quite sharp, need gloves and long sleeves too. So I've ordered a pair of long handled lopping shears for $40 to trim them back easily. The weather has been much cooler, below average of 75-80F/22-25C during the day and high 50s/14-15C at night. Tis great sleeping weather if I could sleep, awake at 3:30am this morning, having a nightmare about a medical test I needed, without insurance, nearly $5,000!