I've been in my new home just over a year, can you BUH-lieve it?!? The time before last that Christine was kind enough to feed my cats when I was out of town, she fed them food that her cat would not eat and unfortunately it attracted ants. She had cleaned them up, sprayed vinegar around and got rid of them. I continued to feed my cats their dried food, leave two bowls with a small amount of food topped up all the time so they graze, and the ants didn’t come back until…. Yesterday. THOUSANDS of the lil bastards!
I dumped the bowls in the sink and drowned the food and the ants that were in and on the bowls and wiped up all the ants I could see with a wet cloth and put the bowls of food on the kitchen counter which Christine said solved the problem. It didn’t for me. I got up this morning and the counter and bowls of food were crawling with ants, I disposed of it all the same way. I feel all creepy as they were crawling on me and they BITE! My solution is a moat. I got a low flat-ish bowl and put water in it and put a bowl of food inside of it. Hopefully that will work and they will go away!
You all know I got a gastric band to lose weight and that I subscribe to People magazine, tis fun to read on my Nook Color, swishing the beautiful color pages with my finger. Every new year, and sometimes in between, they have articles about people that have lost lots of weight ‘without surgery’ and it makes me cringe. They did another article on a specific food celebrity who lost 50 lbs. ‘without surgery’. Somebody wrote in and said ‘… and it’s great he didn’t rely on surgery to achieve his goals.’ This time I HAD to write to the editor, let’s see if this gets published.
Losing Weight Without Surgery - Sounds like it is a 'sin' or something to lose weight with the aid of a gastric band or gastric bypass. Truth is, you still have to do the same things that people that don't 'cheat' by having surgery do, to lose weight. You still have to eat less, eat 'right' and exercise PLUS we get the added 'bonus' that if we don't chew enough or eat too much or eat something starchy, you feel ill for hours and regurgitate like 10 times in those hours. The gastric band to me, is a tool for after I lost the weight, via diet and exercise, to remind myself to not overeat, eat the 'wrong' things and chew well (the first part of digestion), or suffer the consequences.
I did send a confirmation email to Brittini Wednesday night with a few questions about their ceremony and vows and said I would be sending an invoice for the deposit to ‘save the date’. I have not heard back. I did send the invoice yesterday and have not received payment. I will give her a call today to make sure she has received me and tell her to call me with if any questions and concerns she may have. I’m sure there are going to be people that will mess me around, tis the nature of the beast, let’s hope my first wedding booking is not one of them. I left a note on Christine and Jim's door with a business card asking if they'd like to renew their vows for free, that it would help me out in my new business and it would be videoed. I'm pretty sure they will say no, they are private people. Very sweet and polite but mostly keep to themselves. I will ask Pam at work if she and Frank will do 'fake' their wedding, they aren't married and have no intentions to be, or see if Tina and her husband want to renew their vows. This might be a challenge! I hope I can find a couple that will oblige.
It's a 'do nothing' day, lets see how long I can 'do nothing'... ;-)