this morning. It was changing shades of grey but no HP logo popped up and nothing else for 5 mins. So I turned it off holding down the on switch and tried again. Took a while to come on, got the HP logo, got logged on, but no network? Added my network again and it seems ok now. Thank you Universe!
David, website builder, finally called yesterday, 6 days later, you snooze you lose! That’s a great way to run a business, NOT. I didn’t answer the call, am not calling him back.
Another cool morning, the cats are enjoying it, I leave the front door open and the back door cracked at night and they cool off overnight. Only 89F today and windy.
I HAVE to get to the stores today, the cupboards are nearly bare! I got so engrossed in my website stuff I didn’t get there, been hard at it for 3 days now, like a regular job, but this is for ME, so it is much more satisfying. Mom called last night and wished me well, I had sent them the link to my website, I was glad I could tell them I have my first wedding call. Can’t say it’s booked yet, until I get their $50 non-refundable deposit. The only reason they might renege is sometimes grooms prefer a male officiant. I’d have to pass it on to Michael. He did thank me for referring his photography services to Brittini.
When Brittini said it was going to be in a mountain Ramada I Googled ‘Mountain Ramada’, expecting a hotel, closest was a Foothills Ramada. When replying to Max’s comment I realized Brittini meant a Ramada, as in a covered area in a park. They usually have picnic tables, you can book them. So this wedding might be quite a drive away, up to Mt. Lemmon even. Hopefully I shall get a reply to my email from the bride today. Twas quite the professional email confirming our meeting 10/27, requesting a deposit, asking about ceremony/vows, will tweak a standard confirmation email from that one.
I can loll in bed this morning, no work! Yeah, I’ve said THAT before. Then up to the stores, then back home for baseball and then basketball afternoon/evening. D-backs, didn’t make the playoffs but they did break a record for the longest season after going in to extra innings the other night. I think it ended up like 77 extra innings this season, that is over 8 whole games! The women’s basketball team, Phoenix Mercury, got in to the finals. They are playing a great team tonight, let’s hope their star rookie, Britney Greiner 6’8”, gets her act together. She has missed a lot of games due to injury, she fouls a lot early and has to sit out a lot of the game, BUT she got the winning basket in the last seconds earlier this week to get in the finals, that’s all that counts! Tis strange that so many women basketball players appear to have no boobs. I wonder if they bind them so they are not distracting bouncing around on the court, would make sense, but some are completely flat, look like men’s chests. They are getting lots of tattoos like the men players these days. I don’t mind a few, but whole arms? You gotta regret that someday…
My Mom also said something about Peter being in the hospital for 3 weeks. He is my sister’s husband. No wonder I haven’t heard from her in like 2 months. He went in for bone graft surgery of some sort, from hip to arm, and has contracted some serious infection. He has ankylosing spondylitis, a rare form of arthritis, it is slowly crippling him. How scary for them both! They were supposed to be traveling in their retirement. At least Laurie does go on some trips herself.
I will look at placing free ads on wedding websites while watching sports today. I do need to make up a sample book of wedding vows, there are millions on the internet to choose from, and save some links to different types of ceremonies like Unity Sands or Candles, Rose or Winebox too. Need to buy some plain white folders to put a copy of their vows and their marriage license in to give to the couple. I got a clear plastic clipboard to hold the license as people sign it. I need a piece of ribbon to tie my lil jewelry bag to if I need to hold wedding rings, Kent did at both of the weddings I went to. They had no wedding parties, I doubt Brittini and Zachery’s will either, but I will encourage one of their family/friends to hold the rings.
I might get a swim in tomorrow. The big pool might be too cool, might have to go to the small one and be accosted by some yakker to get some laps in.
Oh it’s Photo Fun day, no word has come to me this week, have to think about it.
Seems Ipernity doesn’t care about my paragraph issue, no answer back from the Help Desk STILL.
That accounting gal, that called me in to have a chat only as she already decided on another candidate for her assistant? I emailed her with a question about superannuation tax. Also asked if she deals with really small businesses like mine, can do my taxes, if not if she can recommend somebody that can. Might as well make that time with her not a total waste of time.
We are gonna miss Jenny, hope she can get online a lil, though Mickey will probably give up some updates, right Mickey?