as Kent called (he's fine, just really busy with his day job) and asked if I am free to do a wedding on October 31st. Yep, folks, Halloween! Brittini, and her fiancée Zachery, will meet with me on October 27th, he is out of town until then. There will be only 10 people at the wedding at a Ramada hotel. I am going to email her and get more details to get the ball rolling. Kent said as it is a very small wedding to only charge $150. No worries! This is so exciting. I was just about to stop and relax as I have been fine tuning my website all morning, I think I got the SEO all set up. It takes a good week to get that humming along. My subscription with wix gave me a $75 certificate towards an ad on Google, I will have to check that out. I'll be getting a report on activity on my website from Google too. A huge learning curve for me but so far so GREAT! Wooooooooooo hooooooo!!