My new website: I am so darned proud of myself! ;-) Any suggestions are welcome. It will be added to and fine tuned as time goes on of course. I will have a Testimonials page and Photos page. Just need my first wedding to get those. I shall get the car washed today and slap the magnets on it and will be able to show Wendy and Michael my website when we meet this evening. I will buy one of those over the car window business card holders, inexpensive enough to give a try. I will visit local venues, talk with the events planner and say I will suggest their venue on my website if they recommend me to couples booking their venue and of course I will leave some business cards. Note that I have volunteered my desert backyard with Catalina view as a venue for small weddings. I have to get out there and trim the Palo Verdes to maximize the view and create a circle for the ceremony. My business is now officially LAUNCHED! Thank you ALL for your encouragement, REALLY appreciate it!