and I have a website built. I have learned a lot along the way. Like it won't be available until the website, where I bought the domain name from, transfers it to 's server, takes up to 24 hours. THEN wix takes up to 72 hours to publish my website and also says 'it won't happen overnight' about people doing a Google search finding my website. Tis cool that I choose SEO key words for my whole website and for each page. It is interesting to see that when I Google right now it shows references I made to it in my blogs, so I deleted them and it shows there is a page on Wordpress called Open Hearts Unite, BUT it is not a .com. Just as well I grabbed the domain name.
Jenny had remarked how I don't let things get to me these days, this sure tested me, I did let out some ‘blue’ words occasionally, especially when I hit PUBLISH and lost internet access. Luckily I had saved it first and lost nothing. It’s all about loving EVERYTHING, the good, the bad and the ugly. It's ALL good!
I didn’t get much reading done this morning, had to get in to get my webpage creation didn’t I and it is looking damn FINE if I do say so myself. I had not heard back from Kent or David so screw ‘em! ;-)
I went in to my web hosting account that Kent asked me to set up to see if he has done anything. According to it I am paying for no services, I am certain I signed up for a monthly plan, but nothing is showing and nothing has hit my credit card so that is JUST fine, means that I am done with Kent (that sign I needed via the energy experiment) and can move on.
I thought was free, well it is until you want to attach your website to your own domain name which of course I have to as it is printed on my business cards and car magnets. I chose the popular plan, $15.95 a month, and got the website completed. It is more expensive than the web hosting Kent wanted me to use BUT I am not reliant on him creating/editing the website so it is soooo worth it. The website might not available before I meet Wendy and Michael. Where we are meeting has free WiFi, so I am going to take my laptop in hopes I can open my new website at our meeting. I want to show them how I will add their photography business if they will add my Send Out Cards blurb to their website and add them as officiants if they want, but they would have to add me to their website as an officiant also.
My website can have links to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and I started to create a Facebook page and I stopped and thought ‘NO, I HATE Facebook, don’t need to go there.’ Every mother’s son and their dog is on there, I shall advertise more tastefully. ;-)
I put in a PayPal link so folks can pay their $100 deposit to make a booking, for all other fees I will send them an invoice via PayPal to their email address for immediate payment.
Damn, I’m GOOD! Now to eat, only had a bacon ‘n cheese butty so far and it’s going on 5pm, and some basketball and baseball AGAIN.