Wendy said she built her website on www.wix.com. I just spent 3 hours playing with it, setting it up and it wouldn't let me save it. Then the website went down. I should be able to throw something together pretty quickly now that I have familiarized myself with the layout. If I don't hear from Kent or David tomorrow I shall create something on this website on Tuesday or Wednesday and publish it. I am meeting with Wendy and Michael on Tuesday evening at a restaurant. Will be really interesting to hear what they have to say about the business. Hopefully they can toss some weekday weddings my way.
The ENTER to make a paragraph break fault seems only to be on my laptop, I didn’t have the problem on the PC at work. Might be a Windows 8 issue. You are just going to have to put up with it. I haven’t got an answer back from the Ipernity Help Desk.
Work was quite busy this weekend, well the phones didn’t ring, not many agents in, but I had enough work to do to keep me going. The time flew by thank goodness.
Got some washing to do tomorrow morning, bake some sweet potatoes, will do in between reading til noon. Might get to the store tomorrow.
A quiet week, will get to the pool a couple of days, might be really cool though as night time temps are dropping to high 50s. Will go about 1pm instead of noon, not on Monday or Thursday to avoid the noisy trash trucks.
Have a fab week ya hear?