is about 'what shows in our lives is a direct reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions.' For the next 48 hours you actively look for certain things (I chose blue cars), keep your eyes open and make the intention and then simply notice if your conscious awareness had made a difference in the number of blue cars you see in that 24 hour period. In the 2nd 24 hours I am going to see an answer to my website dilemma. This is a different spin on it, but I will see if it works. It's all about if I decided to look for blue cars I will find them. Set an intention and expect it to happen. I'll let you know the outcome though I only saw 1 blue car so far, but before I hit the road I thought there aren't many blue cars on the roads these days, mine is 12 years old.

The last hour or so I was in the office yesterday I decided I was going to contact the British gal on Kent's website, the one he says he isn't tight with so he could put me above her on his page of officiants. When I got home I looked for her own website and found it and it says she and her husband are part time wedding officiants, so they can offer lower fees. I like my idea of a sliding scale, not a fixed price like Kent requires. I saw that they are members of a couple of organizations which I will look to become a member of. I wrote her an email saying I was starting out in the business and perhaps we could collaborate (like I was going to do with Kent), any weekday weddings they can do give them to me, any weekend weddings I can't do, I give to them and we back each other up. I see she has a working calendar and has a half dozen weddings on it, Friday and Saturday weddings. Hopefully we can work something out, I give up on Kent. Not going to bother to call him... I was thinking about it.

Update: I did just get a reply from Wendy, she wants to meet next week, waaaaaaaaaaaay cool! They want a reliable back up person. They created their own websites on

Just before I went to bed I got an email from Robert, Denise's hubbie, in Australia. He has booked their flights for next year. I didn't know if they were coming next year or the year after. He said April was too expensive, they are landing LAX May 3rd. They don't know whether they will drive or fly to Tucson. Robert has certain 'tastes', I am sure my car is not up to his standards, so they might want their own to tour Tucson in, that's fine, I have 3 parking spaces in front of my place. I don't think he likes the idea of me driving them everywhere either.

He said they are also going to southern Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic and flying home June 2nd. I replied 'YAY! Be prepared to be HOT, HOT, HOT!' It is only in the 90s here then, not humid yet, but they will want the a/c on but I am going to torture them and leave it off. ;-) So I'm guessing a week or less with me, Robert will probably research Tucson and tell me what he wants to see. No home cooking! ;-) It will be humid in southern Mexico, Cuba and DR, but they are use to that back home.

I thought (hoped) monsoon was over here, but the clouds and humidity have been sticking around, this is like 2-3 weeks after it should have finished. Tis a cloudy day, I just heard some thunder just after 11am. I've slept with the window open and fans blowing but still sweat part of the night. PLEASE be over NOW!

I just noticed paragraphs are working here at work, wonder if it is just my laptop. I shall test it when I get home. Hopefully they have just fixed the issue I had.

No floor agent this morning, I didn't have one yesterday afternoon either. I wrote an email to Pam and said perhaps Jim needs to speak to the agents about how important it it is and make THEM find a replacement if they can't make it. They ask Pam or Tina to send out an email if they can't do their assigned date/time, they do, forget about it, nobody replies and I am alone. IF there is an agent in the back I don't like having to ask them to come up and answer the phone while I go to the bathroom. It is a duty, if they are assigned to do it, they should, they might even get some business out of it. We support them, why can't they support us?

Terri is getting desperate, an agent in her 50s, she used to have a thriving realtor business in FL, moved to AZ to be near her parents. She is living with them until she can some money together to move out. Needless to say she is kinda despondent, I am trying to guide her on the Law of Attraction path. I've brought the Experiment book in to see if it interests her at all, she will be in early to cover for the person that couldn't make floor duty today and nobody volunteered to do it for them, and then do her afternoon shift also.

I've got the women's basketball recording at home, early afternoon games is unusual. Baseball is on early too, I shall watch the animation of the game in the office for something to do. I do have a few things to do but they don't take any brains. Just as well, I feel like I have a hangover today, did tons of tossing and turning last night...

Next week I shall do research, get names of events people at wedding venues and make appointments to meet with them when my website is done, to get me in their radar when folks come to talk weddings, they can recommend me to do the ceremony.

Hope you are having FUN!