Last day of my 5 days off, well I did a few hours work on Monday and Tuesday, that was not too taxing. You know of my fun interlude with Kevin. I didn't get any cleaning done, but I always try and avoid that anyway, any excuse will do. ;-) I delayed going to the store until this next credit card period. Don’t know why I do that, it is going to be paid off whenever it is due, just don’t like to see the balance get too high.
So it is mad rush Friday, well I shall languish in bed for a while, starting a new book, get up at 11, go to the pool. I oinked out on Snickers Bars and Pop Chips yesterday, REALLY oinked out, I won't tell you how many I had it’s embarrassing but it was fun AND delicious, I will work some of it off in the pool. Then home to shower and then to the stores and back in time for baseball and basketball. It is the end of both seasons so one or the other will be on every night for the next couple of weeks.
At least I don’t have to go to the bank, I used to be able to scan checks I get and upload to the bank wirelessly but the last few months my All-in-1 Printer/Scanner/Fax hasn’t been cooperating and I have been trudging to the bank, ok in the car is not trudging, but the bank is inside a grocery store and it is on one of the busiest corners and I hate having to fight the traffic to get over to the far lane to make the turn where I want to, most times I can’t make it and have to go up to the next set of lights where the messy road construction is. BUT I found the printer USB cord and connected straight to my laptop and was able to scan and upload the bulk mail check. YAY!!
The built in SD card reader on my laptop has decided to stop working. I know I have a USB SD card reader somewhere, I bought it in Australia last year when I couldn’t find the other one I knew I had but couldn’t find, but do you think I can find the damn thing? I couldn't download photos with the cable. I checked all my USB ports and they are working fine thank goodness. So I guess I will buy another SD card reader, they aren't too expensive.
My car magnets and business cards arrived yesterday, they look FABULOUS! Great quality and fast service! I am happy with the printer I found on the LGBT website. I have taken photos of them to share but I can’t download them just yet. Kent’s got until Monday to answer my email. If no answer, and presuming David tells me that using the one pager internet site in the interim, until I get him to create me a professional one, is feasible, I will create it on Monday, get the car washed and slap the magnets on the car and forget about Kent.
The mornings are cool, down to high 60s. I forgot to close the back window last night and the living space is very cool, I feel like putting a sweatshirt on, but the sun is just coming over the mountains just now and it will heat up fast, mid 90s for a couple more days then the temp starts dropping and I can have the windows open all the time for a month or two before winter. I love this time, my electric bill is at its lowest of course, not to mention the fresh air! I slept with the bedroom window open last night, had a small fan on a table in front of the window sucking in the cool air, it was great.
I did get a new do yesterday. Luz is a really fun, young chick. Her hair is always fabulous. It was slightly different, lots of sweeping going on, she said it was a mistake, she got her roommate to cut it and she made a mess of it, I never would have known! I took some pics yesterday of my new do complete with wax. No more mousse, hairspray or gel, the latest is wax. I bought a pot of it from her, she gave me a 20% discount, says it will last me 2-3 months. Not sure how short my hair is, will find out when I wash it and see what I can do with it and the wax later today.
Off to make a nice healthy, smoothie, complete with spinach, oops I don’t have any berries, banana, cashews for protein, almond milk for smoothness, avocado for good fat, maybe some mango too.