to the Ipernity Help Desk. Still can't make a paragraph break by hitting ENTER, the cursor hops to the top of the blog and makes the break there. Ridiculous! Even writing a blog in Word and pasting it in my Ipernity blog it takes away the paragraph breaks. Hope they can figure that one out, it is VERY annoying!
Now I will continue with my blog called: SCORED!
NOT. He wanted to but it was never going to happen. At least it is nice to know that a guy will look past my weight loss body flaws to get what he wants.
But really it was a delightful encounter, I don’t regret it at all. He is a genuinely nice person, the way he spoke about his kids, ex-wife (they speak friendly once a week) and family, you could tell.
He called just before 8pm and said he was just walking in the door at his Dad’s place. I said I could be there in 10, he said ‘make it 15 I want to take a shower’. So I finished watching House Hunters International then drove down the hill and pulled in the driveway. He came out and asked if I wanted to meet his Dad, I said we’d better be going, Macayos closes at 10pm.
We got there at 8:15pm Turns out that was where he has just been with his Dad, Step Mom, Sister and her husband for dinner. I thought he had gone to his sisters but no, they were there. Twas so funny! He was quite happy to go again and had fun telling the waitress that he was just there over at that other table. He was full but I ordered green corn tamale bites and guacamole, I was starved, a piece of cheese and an apple at 6pm did not constitute dinner for me. We both had frozen Margaritas, he was suitably impressed with the flavor and slurped his up quick smart. The usual buzz was not there, I got a lil tipsy but felt I was fine to drive where normally I have to linger there 2-3 hours to sober up to drive the Margaritas are so potent.
We had a good chat there and I asked if he had a curfew, he did not, so we went back to my place and sat on the sofa next to each other and proceeded to watch some ‘Live at Daryl’s House’, a show on the music channel Palladia where Daryl Hall invites different artists to his home, in upstate NY I think, to jam in his studio. They also prepare food and eat it. Tis a great show. We had fun watching that and looking up different artists ages and marital statuses, and music on my laptop. Like Linda Ronstadt who used to be with the Stone Poneys. She now has Parkinsons disease and has lost her voice completely. He is a fan of the Aussie band Men at Work, he saw the lead singer Colin Hay do a concert 20 mins from his home town. He said the other major player in the band, Greg Ham, took his own life last year, I looked it up and confirmed it. He lived alone and they didn’t discover his body for days.
We were laughing and whooping it up, I didn’t flirt at all, just had fun. He had put his arm around me a few times but I wasn’t going there especially when I asked when he was coming back. He said he didn’t know, hoped it wouldn’t be for a funeral. I said perhaps we could get to know each other more via email and phone and he said No, because of where he lives. So that WAS that! He left about an hour later, twas 1:30am by then, he was leaving for the airport at 8:15am.
Twas a delightful encounter, nice to know I am attractive enough personality wise and physically to attract a man. So it might be another 6 years until… ;-) But I am fine with that! I managed to sleep on and off until 8am. Tis a do nothing day today. Might work on my Open Hearts Unite contract. Kent is still AWOL. I don't know whether to do that one page website or not. I don't want to be a stalker, if he doesn't want to help me, he doesn't, just wish he would tell me so. VERY strange!