And a $ short?
A day late yes, Kevin showed up at the pool at noon today. He was playing Bingo with his Dad and Step Mom yesterday at some hall and won $150, 2 x $75 pots. A $ short, nope!
Within 5 mins. he said he leaves tomorrow morning and we haven’t got together for a Margarita yet. So, we are doing a late supper at Macayos tonight.
We yakked and swam for 2 hours. I do appreciate how he really listens to me, you know echoes what you are saying sometimes. I can’t tell you how many dates I have been on where the guy just yaks about himself and doesn’t ask any questions.
He’s got my phone number and will call when he is ready later tonight, he and his folks are going up to his sister’s place for dinner, he’s gotta work around that somehow.
So I am good with all that. Perhaps we will stay in contact when he is back home and see what happens. Tis a pleasant situation so far.
Off to deliver the bulk mailing and picking up my $108.