I got to the pool early to get rid of my bed head and get some laps in before Kevin was due. But he never showed. I got 45 mins, in the pool and 20 mins of reading before the trash truck came and sent me packing. I REALLY hate the noise of those stupid trucks, they leave the engine running and come in and empty the trash cans and use the bathroom and whatever else and leave 10-15 mins. later I just wasn't in the mood to listen to that crap. I'll go tomorrow for a more peaceful time at the pool, I can go everyday this week if I want to and I just might! ;-) Stupid Ipernity is still acting up, this has to be one big paragraph... Nothing but 'Love it or list it' on HGTV, I HATE that show, the commentator with her Mickey Mouse voice and the dreadful acting and that half British half Canadian accent, drives me barmy too! More reading and then find some series on Netflix to watch while I stuff the envelopes.