I don't have anything pressing this week. I could have worked in the realtor office today, Tina was complaining to others in the office that I am not, but I am not giving up my weekend day. She will survive, Pam is back tomorrow.
I was working two jobs Saturday and Sunday, got home from the realtor office, had a snack and then hit the bulk mailing job, it is a small one but still did 1.5 hours Saturday night and 2.5 last night.
Ipernity is acting up, when I hit the enter key the cursor goes to the top of the blog and wants to type there. Didn’t thing y’all would enjoy reading my blog kinda upside down so I am writing in Word and hopefully it will copy correctly across.
Today is a bacon 'n eggs day, yummo! Now that I have surrendered my weight normalization to the Universe it is taking care of it and I am losing weight once again without trying. Thank you Universe! I just needed to let go of it…
It was so BORING in the office again yesterday, NO calls, no friendly gals to have a chat with. Tom was there in the afternoon, he is affable but he had his head down working. I was watching baseball animation and playing Solitaire and reading my book in the afternoon. I had designed my car magnet for ‘Open Hearts Unite’ and went to order it but it said it couldn’t quote on it. I hit the ‘chat’ button and the person got it happening for me. I realized that I could get a 2nd one for $5 more, so why not? One on each side of my car, just 8.5”x11”. The open Japanese Anemone pic with my pic, and contact information. Kinda busy but had to get all pertinent information on it.
Seems Kent has gone AWOL again, this is driving me nuts. I just want to get this business going already! I emailed last Thursday asking AGAIN if it would mess things up for him if I created a one page website until he can get my multi-paged website going. Trying to be nice, keep the pressure off of him. But I can’t pass out business cards or put my car magnets on the car if I don’t have a website. C’mon!
I do need to get the car washed, it is safe now that monsoon is over, it will stay clean for a week or so. I will have to get it washed more often now that I will be using it as a billboard. I am still debating whether to get a lil business card box that can hang over a car window. Folks can lift the lid and take a card. But I can imagine me lowering the window while driving forgetting it is there and off it flies to get crushed in the traffic. Tis only $11.99, might be worth a try. I haven’t had to invest a lot of $ for this business, tis all tax deductible or some such thing folks tell me. I have to ask Janet who her finance guy is, next year’s tax return is gonna be COMPLICATED!
McKenna is merrily designing and sending lots of cards. I am getting lots of points, the SOC system is so complicated I don’t know if that is going to mean any $ for me, it will mean $ for the people at the top of the pyramid I am sure. Have to find out why the personal subscription I bought isn’t showing up on my dashboard.
So no business to conduct in bed this morning. Finished a book, got a Harlen Coben book to start. Will go to the pool around noon, see if Kevin turns up for a natter. Might make my curried chicken dish with CoC soup and onion and extra chicken tonight. YUMMO again!