I went to the pool today, got there before noon. I was doing my backstroke laps when a young man arrived. Young in my neighborhood means 50s.

I surreptitiously checked him out as he prepared to get in the pool, quite pleasant, as he was getting in I warned him the water was cool. He agreed!

My laps continued for a few more minutes but then we lapsed in to some chatter. He is visiting his 92 year newly married Dad. I said 'There is hope for me yet!' Kevin is from Indiana, near the Kentucky border. He comes to visit his Dad once a year. His Mom died 3 years ago after 61 years of marriage. Two years ago a single, 82 year old lady moved in across the road from his Dad and they got to talking and they got married and he moved in to her place. How cute is THAT?

Kevin is single, 56, recovering from neck surgery. He is a mechanic for a big aluminum firm in Evansville Indiana, his job has taken its toll on his on his neck/spine. He had spinal surgery a few years back. He is on disability debating whether to go back to work or not. He owns a lil patio home, kinda like mine. He's got a Harley Sportster, I spoke about the medium sized cruiser I had and that I'd like a trike next.

I got out to read for a while, he swam some more and then got out and laid in the sun to bake. Then he fired up the spa and got it, I got up to go but he beckoned me to come join him and I thought, why not? But after a pee. Tis so hard to get a wet bathing suit back on. The water was HOT. We chatted about pets, he doesn't have any but spoke about his daughter pit bull who is an angel of a dog, a good guard of their new baby.

Then we got back in the pool to cool off. I couldn't stay in too long as I had no sunscreen on, so I got in the shade and read for a while again. He got out and soaked up some sun for a while, asked me what my name is and I his. Then said I was heading out, had to have a shower before the guy comes to put in my new garbage disposal. I asked if he'd be at the pool on Monday, he is in town til next Wednesday, he said he had no plans and would see me then.

Finally a pleasant chatting time with somebody at the pool, we spoke equally and asked questions equally. Refreshing! Worth the burnt nose... ;-)

I did get an email from Lisa, will pick up a bulk mailing tomorrow (have to run out from the realtor's office for 20 mins), to be returned to her next Tuesday.