that my ex-boss/friend, Dominic, in Australia, died peacefully, or so his manager was told by a family member. He died of a heart attack while driving. Good to know he didn't die by violence or by his own hand for sure. His last boss said I could contact his family via Facebook. I do not want to intrude, got the information I needed.

James, the amputee, I learned from is obituary, was 47, bi-polar, and had become an amputee while saving another man's life from an out of control cement truck. I only knew him as an upbeat, fun, happy man, I will remember him that way. 2 hrs after I wrote this... Just got an update that it is now looking to be an accidental overdose, in trying to adjust his medication for his mood swings.

Robert, Denise's (best friend in Australia) husband got home on the 1st of September, was home a week and they sent him to Perth in Western Australia for 4 days. He said his job is crap, that the company has been sold to a California firm, they will take over January 1st. He is hoping for a redundancy (lay off) pay out. Knowing how they attract money that will probably happen. So he will be retiring at the end of the year. Denise will keep her 3 day a week job until she no longer wants to work, that could be awhile with Robert underfoot. ;-) Robert has enough points from all the flying he has done for his job, for both of them to fly business class to me. Seems that will be next April. YAY!!!

A gal on my team of the job I gave up, wants to come and discover Arizona with her sister. I suggested she have 2 weeks, rent a car from Phoenix, go north to PFNP and perhaps further north to Bryce & Zion canyons in Utah. She has been to The Arches NP in Utah and said it was a moving experience for her, 15 years ago. She hasn't had one since, is a total workaholic, and would like another before she dies. She's maybe mid 40s. I told her I would like to see her relaxed, but I know she will be working as she travels. I suggested they then drive down here and stay with me for a couple of days, mentioned to some places to go in the south of the state, Tombstone and Bisbee, some caves.

Life is so strange and can be so short, live each day as if it were your last...