Well, I've ordered my double sided business cards, created a PayPal business account and emailed Kent asking if it is feasible for me to create a temporary 1 page webpage until he can complete my multi page website, takes the pressure off of him. I have offered to drop off some of his business cards, as well as mine to wedding venues. We will be on each other's websites to back each other up. I do need to go through his contract and adapt it to my business. I'm sure if I will get an LLC, it'll cost a few hundred $, so best to see how business is going before I invest in that.

Glad the mid week realtor office work is over, 3 hours a day was great for me, I got a fair amount of work done for Tina, she didn't bug me too much as she did go out for lunch from 11-12. It'll be a do nothing day tomorrow. I thought I'd have a bulk mailing job this week, kinda glad I don't.

Monsoon is over! There are some clouds but humidity is lower, 33% right now, 89F/30C. It will get back up to mids 90s for a couple more weeks. LOVE this time of year and Spring too of course. Windows are open, a nice breeze going through my home. When it gets a lil cooler I will go in to the desert with my gardening shears and cut some branches of some Palo Verde trees to open my mountain view more.

Yesterday was a very long day, work then home for lunch, then drive to Vail for session with Jay Dee (a great one, what a guy), then a fab dinner at Zaynas (tried a new lentil/rice/sautéed onions/almond pilaf dish which was great, got felafels, baba ganouge and took home a pistachio baklava, incl. tip $18). The new meetup was different. About 20 of us around the living room. It is a energetic blessing time. About half of them were trained in the process (went to Indian and all that), all ages from a baby, a teenager to 70 somethings. All nice, gentle people. That will be a good one to attend once a month or so. Lucia and her partner, Zelie, have that home and a home on Molokai (Hawaiian) where they do summer retreats. Got home at 9pm.

I'll get to reading your blogs I have missed in the last couple of days. Oh yeah, I gotta do a blog with some mini vacation pics too.