Two hours with Tina gave me a headache. Thank goodness the last hour she was out at lunch. I listened carefully and she did not complete one whole sentence today. I was not imagining it. She is a sweet lady, gave me a big hug when I came in, but it is a challenge to work with and be instructed by her. She was certain that something that I was going to do couldn't possibly work, but I did it and it worked and I saved about 10 mins. if I was going to do it the way she does it.

There was 10 mins. left in my 3 hours there and I didn't want to start something else so I opened my email and there was an email from Jeanie, my new monthly lunch friend from the Mindfulness meetup. She said that James, the guy in the wheelchair at the Mindfulness meetup that she is the caregiver for, took his own life with pills last night. Michelle the organizer who lives in Virginia and comes over every month or two is James' sister. I feel so bad for both of them. He seemed to be such a positive guy, I know he had finally got his first job since the accident that took his left leg at the hip, and there was a mix up some kind and they weren't going to pay him, he was upset about that. He was in his early 40s. Bless his heart...

I came home to get a bite of cottage cheese and blueberries, took a swig of my cherry warhead and spilled it down the front of my blouse. Tore that off and put in in a sink full of water and put on another.

Then on to the dentist. I hate the dentist. I was sitting there for 10 mins. when the receptionist said she couldn't find my insurance coverage that I thought I paid for last January, $111 for 50% for a year. She called their office and their computers were down. She said I had to pay $190 as she had no proof I have the insurance, or I could pay $111 for the insurance and $95 for the dentist visit. I told her I could not afford either and left.

Just laying low, trying to beat this headache. Jeanie might call, I said she could if she needed to talk.