welcome backs, folks. I'll try and get to organizing photos this evening while watching baseball.

Work was a real drag on the weekend, 1 call only on each day. Pam was in a few hours each day so I couldn't 'play' much. At least I had enough work to keep me busy while she was there. She keeps telling me that others are telling her that she has to teach me more to ease her and Tina's load during the week. I do dislike it when an agent asks me a question and I don't know the answer....

Pam is taking this week off work. Originally she was going to ride with her BF, Frank, on the truck he drives cross country, but that would mean the other driver couldn't go and he'd not be making a living, but that is now a moot point as Frank lost his job. He got cited by the police for not having a seatbelt on, which is instant dismissal. His story is that he had just got out of bed when they got stopped and was sitting in the seat helping the driver get the logs ready for the random inspection that police do, the cop opened his door and saw no seat belt and whammo! He had to tell the company and they sent him home on a Greyhound bus. Pam is such a chump, she believes all his bullsh*t stories and she tells everybody in the office with a smile on her face. Her boss, Jim, the branch manager, apparently told a few people loudly when she was out of the office on Friday picking him up from the bus station, that he is a horrible guy and she should dump his sorry ass. I have to agree. She has spent 7 years with him, nobody likes him. Someday she will see it, we can only hope. Thank goodness she bought her home and she can afford it comfortably WITHOUT HIM.

I felt like I had a full body hangover yesterday, felt dreadful. You know I tried to lose more weight, well I am certain I have put some on but I am not getting on the scales. I'm pretty sure it is because I have been eating lots of bread, I usually have 2 English muffins a week and that's it. I have been having bread, which I am supposed to avoid because of a wheat intolerance, twice a day. So today, my one day off this week, is a do nothing day and I will be consuming large NutriBullet concoctions only, with avocado (good fat), banana, blueberries, spinach, flax seed oil, cranberry juice, almond milk. With other fruit in between, pineapple, mango, and I am still eating the nectarines I bought a couple of weeks ago, they are ripening slowly. I did lose one. Just gotta get all the toxins out of me. I did buy a loaf of Sourdough bread on Friday, finally found one that actually smells like sourdough, so many claim to be but do not have the smell let alone that fabulous taste of sourdough bread. I put the 2nd half of the loaf in the freezer. I'd had some with corn on the cob (YUMMO haven't had it for years) and turkey for dinner two days in a row.

This is the 3rd gray, miserable day we've had. Drizzly rain, temps 15-18 below average. I really dislike gray days, they should only happen in winter. The monsoon is lingering, hopefully over next week, we will be back up in the 90s with low humidity, BRING IT ON!!! Please.

Gotta get some laundry done today, working tomorrow 9-12 and then to the dentist and then to Walmart to get dry goods like kitty litter. Wednesday is work 9-12, session with Jay Dee then a healthy meal at the Mediterranean restaurant before a new meetup on Enlightenment, should be very interesting. Will be home about 9pm. Thursday is work 9-12. I'm pretty sure Lisa will have a bulk mailing for me, hope it is ready that day, I shall get it half done and have a 'do nothing' Friday before working at the Realtor on the weekend and folding and stuffing after work and sealing on Monday.

I've got some big expenses this month, dentist, car service, gas for that small getaway was $120! I do want to get my business cards printed for my Marriage Celebrant business, $36 for 250 double sided cards, not too bad. I am not bugging Kent, hopefully he will contact me with a gig soon or I will have to dig in to my next lot of retirement funds sooner than I wanted to, at least I have it. I do need to set up a PayPal account so he can link it to my website.

Oh I have finally connected with my BF when I was 14-16 years of age, we got torn apart when I left the country. I found him on Linked in and added him and was able to email him. We had 27 years to catch up on, typical guy, he said it all in 2 paragraphs. He has 2 daughters, must have had another after we last exchanged snail mail. He divorced their mother after 22.5 years of misery, she was cheating and drinking, must have been awful for him and the girls. I had to chuckle when I read that as his mother thought I was a bad influence, me, Miss Goodie Two Shoes compared to that behavior. He has been married to his 2nd wife for 10 years now, the best thing that has ever happened to him. He has moved around a lot, lived in Phoenix for 3 years, was here in Tucson in April, would you believe, picking up his new 5th Wheel. He's got 2 grandsons, one from each daughter. He lives on 20 acres in the woods in a log cabinet and still hunts (ugh). I'm really happy for him, he has his American dream completely now. I said I hope we can keep in touch and perhaps we will meet up one day.

I watched one of those 'Who Do You Think You Are' last night. Country singer Trisha Yearwood traced her roots back to a buck stealer in England in the 1700s. He was sentenced to death but got 'sent to the colonies' instead to serve his sentence (Australia wasn't the only country that was started by convicts, get over it Aussies!) but ended up being a landowner himself and arresting some men for stealing his horses. I also watched a couple of 'Say Yes to the Dress', watching 2-3 women choosing their wedding dresses worth up to $34,000! At least these brides weren't too diva-esque, there were some beautiful love stories.

Man, it is dark outside! Good day to stay in bed... ;-) Back to reading, I've got 3 books waiting on my Nook.