Kathy gets up at dawn and goes for a 2 mile walk almost everyday. She did this morning so I got up and showered and put away my bed, it's a sofa bed, and was eating breakfast when she returned. It gave her all the time and space she needed to get ready for her volunteer job. The shower is very comfortable, it is up in the bedroom space which sits over the truck bed, there is a screen that slides across so another person could use the shower/sink/toilet space without being seen by people in the bedroom which has a queen bed, built in huge dresser, two closets and one of those washer/dryer combo machines. You do need to turn off the water while sudsing up to make sure the hot water lasts, but it is no big deal. The 5th wheel is a great size for 2 people.

I hit the road at 7:40am, had to get to get gas in Holbrook, just hop on Highway 40 (there is lots of construction going on with delays) and then 77 all the way down to Oro Valley. Last week Kathy's boss, Pat, was on 40, there were jersey walls (concrete barriers) on either side. She hit one and I guess got her car out of the traffic and was standing somewhere. One of the staff members said they drove by and saw her standing on the side of the road. A semi truck came barreling through and lost control and ended hitting a few cars and when they were sorting that out they realized that Pat was no where to be seen. The semi had hit and dragged her, she was alive but almost every bone in her body was broken. How awful! This was the 2nd time she has been hit by a vehicle, she had back and leg permanent injuries which caused her to limp. They doubt she will be back to work.

The drive home was just under 5 hours, half a tank of gas, I didn't need to stop anywhere. The views are again, amazing! I will have to check out the White Mountain area, lots of Tucsonians go there to get away from the heat. Looks like Colorado to me. Would be nice to spend some time in a cabin in the woods with a hot tub. The speed limit ranges from 65mph down to 20 mph for the tighter turns, it is not an easy drive, you have to be alert and careful and not go too much over the limit. Of course I had an idiot riding my ass most of the more harrowing parts where there are no passing lanes. Tis really unsettling, just have to concentrate on driving. A car behind them was riding their ass also, so when a passing lane finally came, they both passed me. The speed limit goes back up to 65mph and the 2nd car decided to go 50mph in front of me, didn't they? No reason for it, straight road, hilly so no passing was allowed. People do weird things...

I stopped in to Trader Joes on the way home to get breakfast and lunch stuff for my working days at the realtor office coming up. UGH! I'll probably have a bulk mailing job towards the end of the week also, so I will be busy. I did sit down finally about 1:30pm with some food, Sour Dough bread (the best I have had in a long time) and some dill Havarti cheese. Kokee was hiding for a while. Christine stopped by and gave me my keys, she had filled the food bowls to the brim, that dry food gets stale, I only leave a cup or so in 2 bowls and top up as needed, so I put a lot back in the container. She didn't try and feed them other food this time thank goodness.

Ketley was all over me wanting attention, flip flopping, twisting and turning, getting rubbed all over. She was walking around squeaking a lot throughout the afternoon/evening. Kaiya had attacked the toilet paper in my bathroom, she pushed the hand towel I put over it, aside on each side and torn chunks out of the roll, which were all over the floor. Strange cat!

I did nod off for a while messing around on the laptop and watching Castle reruns. I am so looking forward to my own bed tonight, I might be too tired to sleep, sometimes that happens.

This evening, Ketley gets up on the recliner and starts pawing away at it like she is in the kitty litter, I had to go over and stop her, then she gets over on my chaise and does the same thing! NOOOOOOOOOO I grab her and run in to the guest bedroom where the litter box is in the closet. The closet door was CLOSED! Poor Ketley, she did her thing and then Kokee went in straight after, I don't smell any accidents around the house, Christine would have bee here this morning, so they didn't have to wait too long.

Dinner tonight was a ready made Trader Joes Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes, absolutely heavenly! I'm back to salads for lunch, got the TJs ready cooked chicken breast, baby spinach, mushrooms and chives to go with bleu cheese dressing for the weekends lunches at work. I found that a bowl of cereal with a few slices of cheese kept me full for up to 5 hours the last few days, let's see if it does tomorrow. I will have a couple of plums with it too.

One more inning of baseball, D-Back are losing, then I am off to bed early, eyes are sore and tired...

It's gonna take a while to go through my dozens and dozens of photos, bear with me!