I'm going with the other rugged, that is, rugged (one syllable) as in 'all rugged up' meaning covered in clothes or blankets to keep warm.

This hilarious thing came to mind. They are like a cult in this country, wearing these corny 'garments' to be all rugged up and warm. Their spiel on their Snuggie website is:
Now you can own the super-soft blanket that has sleeves. It does not slip and slide like a regular blanket so it keeps you warm from head to toe while allowing complete freedom of movement. Read, eat, sew, use the remote, talk on the phone or work on your laptop in complete comfort. You can also use it outside to keep you warm at sporting events!

Here are some particularly funny ones, well to me anyway.

The sexy Snuggie. There must be OTHER things you can do in a Snuggie besides the things they list above, surely!

You wouldn't find me caught dead in one of these things, especially as I HATE those big ole baggie, open, hanging down sleeves, that would let the cold air in, they should have cuffs or elastic at the very least!

Wouldn't you just LOVE to wear one of these using the remote or talking on the phone? LOL

and there is nothing like being 'rugged up' with your honey! ;-)