Started off looking around the place where Kathy volunteers her time as a Librarian and through the Visitor Center and Gift Shop. Kathy gets a 50% discount on anything in the Visitor Center so she paid for an Arizona Atlas and I gave her the $ for it when we got to the car. $11.14 for a very detailed, many paged, soft covered Atlas. Excellent! I shall be an Arizona sight seeing expert soon, might as well be as I am staying here.

Then we drove to the Hubbell Trading Post where chatted to a Navajo Parks employee. Lots of artefacts and beautiful jewelry and rugs. Waaaaaaaaaay out of my price range.

Then on to Canyon de Chelly. WOWOWOWOWOW!!! Wait til you see these pics. Absolutely stunningly beautiful landscapes. We did quite a bit of walking from the vantage point parking lots, over big rock surfaces. My 2nd battery was flashing most of the time but I was able to get one last amazing photo before it died. There were more scenes to take pics of but no place to get off the side of the road. Very remote, most of the roads had no lines, well they may have been there but they have worn off. No cell phone signals and took some time to get satellite for GPS which seems weird.

This was all through Navajo country, they have their own time zone, well it is different from Arizona which is PST (Pacific Summer Time) all year round, they follow MT (Mountain time) have daylight savings and go back to non daylight savings.

We stopped for a meal around 2pm at an A&W restaurant. I haven't had an A&W Rootbeer float for ages! Navajo people run the store and I don't think they could be any slower if they tried. My regular float was the same size as Kathy's large one. They make it with softserve ice cream, LOTS of it, when we were leaving I had nothing but ice cream in it and couldn't suck it up, I asked for a splash more of Rootbeer, he filled the cup to the top!

We got in the car, the windows were down and some guy came and asked me where we were going, was eyeing my bag as I put my camera in it . He kept asking where we were going I just kept saying 'home'. Then he asked for money, I just put my bag on the floor in the back and backed out and drove off. I thought he was gonna grab my bag for minute.

We traveled home on different roads, through differently spectacular scenery. We had a lot of fun yakking. Kathy and Melvin are hitting the road in their 5th wheel and truck at the end of September to Wisconsin and Minnesota to see Kathy's sons, then down to Andersonville, Georgia where Kathy has another volunteer gig for a couple of months. Then down to the Florida Keys in January where Kathy can snorkel, then back to Arizona for a couple of months before they make their way up to Denali park in Alaska for summer time. How WONDERFUL for them! Melvin wants to buy them a home like mine whenever they finish their traveling, could be a few years away though. Good luck to them! What a life...

I will bring Denise & Robert up here when they come to visit. Stay at La Posada for a couple of nights.