Some AMAZING scenery driving up, near Globe is amazing and then after is the 'Salt River Canyon'. It is mostly 2 line highway, but they have a lot of passing lanes which helps when you get stuck behind those jerks going 45 in a 65 zone.

But I did have to come to a dead stop with somebody coming in the other direction passing another car, hurtling towards me. The side of the road was like 4' wide, not much help.

I was supposed to go on Rte 180 out of Show Low but I didn't see a sign for it so kept going straight until I saw a sign saying '49 miles to New Mexico border', so I was going due east, not where I wanted to be going. That's a different road trip sometime. I turned on my GPS and punched in PFNP and it was searching for a satellite for about 20 mins. I tried to call Kathy, phone was roaming and said I didn't have enough $ on it to get her. I turned around and went back saw the sign to Holbrook and headed that way, north. Stopped at Taylor to go potty and when I was driving through Snowflake I saw two cop cars conducting a pullover, I slowed a tad and kept on going. Tis a pretty lil flower lined Main St. so I took a photo and as I brought my camera down saw the flashing lights behind me, so I pulled over. Being booked for taking a photo while driving?

Apparently there is a law that if there is a left lane and nobody in it while you are passing police activity, you have to move to the left lane or slow to a crawl in the lane you are in. He explained that and that is how cops get creamed most frequently. Mind you he was talking to me from the curbside. ANYWAY, he took my license and registration and was at his vehicle for 15 mins or so and came back and presented me with a written warning. So I saw that as the result of my first 'Create your own reality' exercise, no ticket/fine! Yeeeeeeee har!

I found Rte. 180 not long after that and called Kathy and she asked how far I was on it, about 20 miles, she said I'd have to drive all the way through the park, she is at the other end. It would take 45 mins. going the speed limit. Well seeing how there is no place for a cop to hide out there I sped in some places and halted in other places to take photos. Got here just after 6pm, Kathy was up on the road guiding me in to her 5th wheel, RV that latches on to the back of a pickup truck.

Tis love and spacious inside, got some pics, I could live in a thing like this, I just might someday. The décor is not too obnoxious, some are horrible! Tis 5 years old. I slept (I use the term loosely) on the pull out sofa bed. She put in a kind of sleeping back with a memory foam cushion underneath. I left my pillow on the sofa at home didn't? The pillow she provided was too high. The bed was hard and trying to sleep on either side hurt the respective hip, so I tried to sleep on my back. The 5th wheel was swaying in the wind. I should be dead tired enough to sleep a lil bit more tonight, here's hoping! Tis down in the 60s at night, good sleeping weather.

The toilet is a marine toilet, the ball inside gets lifted with the foot petal and all gets washed down, the room is the size of an airport toilet sans sink. The shower is great! You do have to wet turn off water, suds up and rinse as there is not much hot water, but it worked just fine, quite spacious.

We are heading back the way I came to go and inspect the sights further and get more photos and then to get some gas in Winslow and to La Posada for lunch. Should be a positively delightful day!

Hope yours is too!