some TV channel is having an -athon of some such show. TNT was having a 'Castle'-athon, so I watched a few, one I hadn't seen before. Oh how I wish they ran them in order! We got one half of a two-parter, this was the 2nd half of one shown a while back, all reruns on TNT. I've cleared off enough off of Tivo so it can record my fav shows merrily away while I am out of town without becoming full. There is no TV for a few days, that's gonna be weird! Kathy says she doesn't watch TV, but she watches TV shows and movies on her laptop. I am taking my laptop, she says the internet has gotten better.

I've got my camera and extra battery ready for packing, will be taking loads of photos I am sure! I'll be driving through the Salt River Canyon which is one of many spectacular scenes. I drive north on 77 through Globe, I've already driven up to there, taken some shots of amazing scenery. Going to be so nice to be immersed in nature of a different kind, mountains and some different foliage. I think monsoon season is over so no clouds to make amazing sunrises and sunsets. But the scenery will still be spectacular.

Gotta tidy up the cat litter area in the closet for Christine to scoop the poop in the mornings. Jim will be over in the evenings to play, typical guy. ;-). Will do a quick vacuum all around so he doesn't get too hairy lying on the floor. Will get dishwasher stacked and going, got a last load of washing on. I love how I can do a load any time of the day or night here, don't have to worry about disturbing neighbors.

I've told Tina and Pam I will be in 9-12 Tues. To Thurs. Next week, no point in torturing myself too much for the lousy $. ;-) Now for some reading before getting ready to hit the road. ROAD TRIP! I love 'em!