Time is a draggin' here in the realtor's office. I've seen 2 realtors who left with their clients when they came in, a realtor's assistant and the lender. The painting and carpet replacement is DONE! A lil insanity still prevails, but they are all allowed to move all their stuff back in.

One of the dudes that was laying the carpet etc. last weekend, was quite hunky! I said so to Pam when she was in that morning, she told me he is single and no kids. We had chatted briefly, he has taken a big hit on his commercial property business, thanks to Obama's administration he said, nothing against the man, but his policies? Yep. I told him about my business venture and he encouraged me, a very nice man. BUT I couldn't get the courage to say anything like 'Care to hang out sometime?' Like a teenager. LOL If I am meant to have another partner in my life, it will happen, he will just 'fall in my lap', like the Marriage Officiancy opportunity did. Hope he isn't too heavy! ;-)

So here it is about 11:30am, been here 2.5 hours and I have done all my work, 4.5 boring hours to go! I do have a couple of new listings to put in tomorrow and I can erase the sale/listing board in the morning, ready for the new month. The realtors all vie to be the first to write the first sale of the month on the board.

Somebody just pulled up on a motorcycle... One of the realtors and his partner, they have a bike each. JEALOUS! I'd rather be riding! They got long sleeved shirts on, the sleeves look like their arms are all tatooed. Rather silly on 60+ year olds. ;-)

The next 2 days in the office are going to drag by. I'll bring in my Nook tomorrow to read.

I think Rob was teasing me about the $100K in Denise's bank account. Like he teased me about my 'home cooking' that he hates. Denise didn't mention it when she replied about our fun times with Dominic at the annual conferences. She LOVES spending money so would have been telling me what she is going to buy with it.

YAWN I put my thumb out to hitch a ride when the couple went buy to get on their motorcycles, said they will be by tomorrow at 8am to get me, when it is cooler. The overnight temps are definitely dropping, don't need the a/c on and I am a lil chilled when I wake up.

Hope you are having fun days!