from Rob, Denise's husband. He flies out of Santiago for the last time tomorrow. I know Denise was sick of him being away so much. He said Denise found $100K in her bank account, came from her last full time job. She called a gal there and she said it is legit. Sooo, they are coming to stay with me next year for a couple of weeks. He said he is looking forward to my home cooking. I replied 'You're in luck I stopped cooking, plenty of restaurants around or finger food or ready made meals from Trader Joes coming up!' I know he hates my cooking, told Denise, she poo poo-ed it, she must have told him I said that.

I've completed the online form to be a volunteer at the LGBT center here in Tucson. I noticed they have a cyber center there, set up by the same donor that set one up in San Diego where I used to volunteer. Theirs is only open 11am-2pm. I could do a shift there a week or whatever other admin work they have. I won't be setting up events, i.e. setting up chairs and tables, or walking or standing around for the AIDS walk, just can't do that physically.

The Wordpress templates look confusing to me, they use terms I have never heard of, or terms of I have heard of but I don't know what they do. Gonna have to get somebody to build a website for me, I have asked Jeanie if it better for me to start a website and get a profession to finish or let them do it start to finish, see what she says. Have to check out the cost of course. Next month...

My last day of doing nothing in my home by myself for 9 days, better relish in it. Bastketball and baseball it is!