this morning I just gotta say, Age, as much as some people like to think it doesn't matter... it DOES!

Elton John has a baby at 66 years old, he is probably gonna be DEAD when that child graduates from High School! C'mon!

Bradley Cooper, 38, dating a model, 20 years old. There is a pic of them together, she is in overalls and looks 14. C'mon!

Terri in the office, at mid 50s, says she gets hit on by men in their 70s, it TOTALLY turns her OFF! It would me too, I must admit. C'mon!

I'm kinda having some doubts since it seems my mentor has deserted me and Jeanie said she would help, she has developed websites, but she has since told me that she doesn't want to be involved 'intimately' and sent me a link to Wordpress website templates. It is kinda disheartening, BUT I will soldier on! Jeanie also gave me a link to a web site builder in FL. she really likes, no mechanical help desks, you can 'have a chat' with real people.

So, I am ridding my mind of thoughts about my new business venture until September the 9th, I'll be working 3 days, off to the PFNP for 4 and then working 2 days. If I will haven't heard from Kent by then I shall contact the web builders in FL. I can create a cool looking website, but I need the more technical stuff done, links to PayPal, calendar that clients can book their wedding date on, SEO, Sidebar directing to each page. Have to find out if it is worth my starting a webpage and getting somebody to finish it or if it is a hindrance and I should let them do it from scratch.

I got my domain name through It turned out not to be cheap and is complex. Had to pay extra to get email and was on with a Help Desk trying to get access to it for an hour last night. Go Daddy has a 30% off domain names sale today and their email is easy and instant. Not to mention their hacking protection is free. Grrrr!

Two grey days, yesterday and today, sprinkles, temps in the high 80s. I like blue skies and sunshine! I'll get my butt to the pool today anyway.

I was listening/watching YouTube vids, that one I shared yesterday on Tapping in to your Greatness and Losing Weight with Law of Attraction. I am struggling now. I was afraid this was going to happen after I HAD to change my eating habits to lose the large amount of weight that I have. I was fat, but I had stabilized my weight for 17 years, I could eat anything and not put on more weight. I had it psychologically 'kicked', but now I've lost it. I know probably 25-30 years ago I got the book 'The Only Diet There Is' by Sondra Ray, it's about loving yourself as you are, using affirmations/visualisations/'being in the moment' of what you want to look/feel like to lose weight, I did it for a while and I'll be damned that I did lose 10lbs or so. But in my usual fashion of trying everything once... it went by the wayside. As I said a few days ago, I am letting thinking about not losing weight go also. That which you think, you attract. So makes sense.

I've got to call my cable company and renegotiate my contract, it cannot go up! I've got to call Charlie and see if he can fix or replace my garbage disposal, it is bucking like a Bronco! I've got to call Christine & Jim and see if they are around and will feed & scoop the poop for my cats, only 2 days, they don't need to, I can put down 3 litter trays and 3 full bowls of their dry food and 3 bowls of water and they will be fine, I'm only away 3.5 days. Right now I am a lil gun shy about asking for help. I feel like I am 'using' people and I don't like that feeling. I'm afraid I 'used' Kent up, I'd feel awful if he feels used. Life can be complex sometimes...