Yesterday was a GREAT day!

I toddled off to the bank first to deposit last week's bulk mailing check and get a lil cash for my trip next week.

Then off to The Loft Cinema to see:
Lake Bell (Children's Hospital) stars in In a World..., a hilarious romantic comedy about an underachieving vocal coach who strikes it big in the cutthroat world of movie-trailer voiceovers, only to find herself in direct competition with the industry's reigning king - her father. Amid pride, sexism and family dysfunction, she sets out to change the voice of a generation, but it may not be as easy as it looks in the movies! Written and directed by Bell, who won the Sundance 2013 Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for her script, In a World... also stars a “who’s-who” of contemporary comedy stars, including Fred Melamed (A Serious Man), Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine), Demetri Martin (Important Things with Demetri Martin), Michaela Watkins (Enlightened), Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer), Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Alexandra Holden (The Hot Chick) and Tig Notaro (The Sarah Silverman Program). (Dir. by Lake Bell, 2013, USA, 93 mins., Rated R, Roadside Attractions) Digital

It was FANTASTIC! A total delight, very funny, great characters, a grea,t low budget, quirky movie, just my style. Had annoying people behind and to the left of me in the cinema, 2 young women who had to put their feet up on the chairs in front of them and whenever they moved them around my chair would shake. I finally told them to STOP IT! IT'S ANNOYING! One said 'Oh, I am sorry!' and took her feet down. I replied 'Thank you' but the other one continued. Grrrrrr

Then on to 'Oreganos' restaurant. I got their an hour early, but it was way too hot to sit in the car, so I went in and the only vacant tables were those bar height ones, where your legs dangle, no thanks. They had regular plastic tables and chairs in the Arizona room, so that is where I sat alone for a 45 mins. perusing the menu and then reading my Nook. Very loud classic Chicago big band music, lots of Frank Sinatra. The menu was full of pizza and all things Italian covered in tomato-y sauce, which I can't tolerate these days, pasta and subs. I'm glad I had a while to figure out what I wanted with my cookie pizza. Garlic bread, it's been a long time since I've had some, and a small salad with chicken etc.

Jeanie found me at 4pm, she had been sitting out the front, one of the waitresses told her that the person she was waiting for might be out the back. Delightful lady! She has done the same as me, given up a corporate job and has 4 part time jobs. 3 caregiving roles (one is James who she brings to the Mindfulness meet up), a few hours every day of the week AND pet sitting, lots of overnight gigs (one in a really ritzy house in the Foothills). I asked if she knew Shelley of Meow, Woof & Tweet. Oh yes she does and completely understood why I had to end our friendship. We ordered, shared the garlic bread, it was scrumptious! My small salad was HUGE and spicy hot, I had to ask for some bleu cheese dressing to try and cool it down. It worked, I got about 3 mouthfuls in before the cookie pizza came, so it went in a box to take home.

I told her about the opportunity that has 'fallen in my lap' and she was thrilled and told me I was nuts if I didn't run with it AND would you believe it, she and her husband were married by Kent? Two 'small worlds', Shelley and Kent, we both know. She has built websites, so if I never hear from Kent again, she will help me. YAY!!! I forwarded my PowerPoint presentation of how I want my website and she gave me the name of a web hosting company where you can 'have a chat' with the folks, rather than a strictly boring help desk. Advised me to get my Domain name. Where I was going to purchase it, they have questions I don't know the answers to, I forwarded those to her also to see if she does, if not I will just buy it from where I got my domain and website from. She said not to use their web hosting.

We will try and have an early dinner once a month somewhere around town, she is happy to drive anywhere, doesn't swear loudly and loves Tucson (traits of Shelley's that were very obnoxious) and she is a lovely, positive person, delightful to hang with.

Then on to The Energy Healers group led by Jay Dee, he had a special guest, Karen Clayton who spoke about this:
Brilliant Resilient You brings you “Tap in Your Greatness”. Based on the seminal work of Howard Glasser, known as the Nurtured Heart Approach® combined with EFT and Law of Attraction – Tap in Your Greatness is a new level of tapping consciousness. This presentation is an introduction to the deep work that can be done with NHA®, to allow subtle shifts of energy and a heightened sense of joyful connection and consciousness.
She works in the school system with at risk youth and have turned around lots of lives using this approach. It's all about finding the greatness in any situation, not dwelling on the negatives, telling a kid they are bad but telling them what is great about them or what they do. Some folks in the audience just couldn't grasp the concept, they were thinking about a situation where somebody is abusing a child, how can that be great? She explained that the situation is great in that is has sparked your compassion, your sense to want to help. They could only see there couldn't possible be anything great about the abuser, just couldn't un-focus on that. So it ran over time, by then I was really hankering for my salad.

There was a very handsome black man, black men are rare in Arizona, in town from Colorado visiting a friend who is organizing a huge conference in October. He works with at risk youth in Denver and stood up to speak about the upcoming conference that will also raise money for the project he works on in Denver. He kept saying he was tired and was very emotional. After he finished and the group was disbanding, I walked over, took his flyer and gave him a huge hug and told him he was doing GREAT things. What a nice hug I received back. I love those full body hugs with no gratuitous back patting.

I managed to get home in 25 mins. and hoed in to my salad which was DELICIOUS! Soggy (the corn chip strips anyway) but delicious.
I watched the D-Backs get beaten in the baseball, not a bad thing, they are still on track to get in the post season.

So today is a day of doing nothing, just going to the pool for a picnic and a swim again. Woe is me! LOL