Today's high is supposed to be 97F/35C but with a strong breeze it doesn't feel too hot. Humidity is down to 25%, so a very pleasant day to have a swim and hang by the pool.

I've picked the right time to hit the pool, around noon, only see the Garbos (Aussie for trash men) and the mailman taking their breaks. Nice 'n peaceful!

I took a Pita pocket filled with turkey and baby spinach and a plum to dine on when I finished swimming. I munched while I read. VERY civilized!

Quite a few weeks ago I had ordered some grits (corn meal cereal) for breakfasts. They are not in the stores here. I had forgotten about it until I saw an email from them apologizing for the delay, that the would include a biscuit (non sweet scone) mix and a garlic zesty dip also to appease me.

They all look good to me! I think I will save the biscuits (makes 12)) and dip for company.

I had bought some shredded wheat yesterday, found some plain shredded wheat at Trader Joes, also got some Rice Chex, will finish up those before I hit the grits. I am loving unsweetened almond milk, so thick 'n creamy and tasty, great for cereal. I nuke it 30 secs. to take the chill off. I will cook the grits in my mini rice cooker, bit of butter and salt 'n pepper, YUMMO!

Tomorrow is going to be full, going to kill 4 birds with 1 stone, to the bank to deposit the check from last week's bulk mailing, to a movie at The Loft, early dinner with Jeanie (from Mindfulness Meetup) then an Energy Healers meetup. I'll be out from noon til 8:30pm.