I'm pretty sure this is it:

I've decided to go with a double sided card, since I won't be getting MMIT cards at Kent's suggestion. I can afford them ($27 for 250), I'll probably lose the sentence on the bottom of this side. This pic and text is depicting Tucson and environs and saying what I do. I dropped the Rev., too formal for me, some folks might expect me in a robe and stole. I really dislike the word 'Officiant' (it is not even recognized by Spellcheck) so I chose 'Marriage Celebrant'. I need an official word so I put 'Officiating' and I love to drive and don't mind at all going outside Tucson Metro area (if they pay extra of course), so I put 'In and Around Tucson'.

I got permission from Jenny (Thank you again, Jenny!) to use her Japanese Anemone photo for the back of the card.

Tis PERFECT for the 'Love blossoms when Open Hearts Unite'. McKenna thought I should have my photo on my cards, especially if I just leave them somewhere for people to take for future reference. I'm sure clients have a preference of the look of their wedding officiator and I am fine with that. I will order them once Kent has finished my website, could be a few weeks, that's ok as I will get business from his website in the meantime. I rather like this arrangement, we give each other business from our own websites. He can go on mine too.

McKenna came by yesterday and we managed, with help from SOC Help Desk, to transfer the artwork I did for her bulk card to her new account, she took a small subscription to open it. We tweaked the text a lil and she was thrilled with it. She ordered 25 of the one card we created to make sure it is the product she wants, before she copies over the original and changes the front photo for other neighborhoods, and orders 250 more cards.

She is such a sweetheart, had her first (and probably worst) bad experience in the realtor world. She spent a lot of time showing a couple houses, they were deciding between 3 to make an offer on. They didn't call her one day, they were calling several times a day at all hours of the day. She called them and they told her that somebody else found them a house! A short sale, which can take months to get a decision on and you may not get the house, when they are selling their own home as a short sale. Two together don't mix and McKenna had advised them of that, but... Some people think THEY know best! I told it was great to get the worst client out of the way so early in her career.

Just a swim and read at the pool then a call with Francoise today. I'm glad she's got the message that I don't like pushy people.