Rev. Kent has given me the instructions on how to get my emails from MMIT website to my business Yahoo email account. I completed the task with all the data he gave me in a minute and his test email just came through. That's very handy!

MMIT website is great, he's done a good job with all the extra information people getting married might want to know. I want to stay within his company and perhaps get some more business, for both of us if he wants it, through mine.

I am looking forward to my first clients, going to meet them somewhere to get to know them and how they envisage their wedding and helping to find the perfect vows for them. I love Kent's additions to this article on how to find the right officiant:

He created a website to blog on, looks like he hasn't for a while but it does give an good taste of his kind personality. I am so grateful to have met him and being benefactor of his kindness.

I'm really wiped out today, don't feel like doing much. I tried to sleep with the window open, tis just too humid, tossed and turned and sweated like a crazy woman. Only 88F/29C today supposedly, but my outdoor indicator always shows warmer. Looking at the prediction for the next 10 days, we are having 2 warmer days, mid 90s and then down around 90, lots of storms, one last blast of monsoon it seems. I can't wait to have the windows open permanently for 2-3 months before the chill arrives. Seems I need a/c on 3 months of the year and heat on about the same, that is 6 months of the year I can have the windows open. Gotta love that!

That storm last Thursday was a whopper, the construction outside my community to put a bridge over the wash, well it was a real mess. They had to close the road for a day and ended up hurriedly making the bridge driveable on one side so they can let the water go where it wants to again. It had cause some serious erosion/sink holes of the temporary road. This project seems to be going very fast, it started about the time I moved in, 10.5 months ago. There is tons of roadworks going on all over Tucson, I've don't recall ever seeing so much, but it is all improving, usually widening from 2 lanes to 4 lanes.

When I went out with Pam about 5:30pm yesterday I had been watching the baseball for 1.5 hours. When I got home 4 hours later it was still on! Games are 9 innings, 2-3 hours usually, this went to 18 innings (breaking a tie) and almost 7 hours, til 2am their time. D-Backs won! But they lost badly today.

Only 1 day of work this week, but 3 next weekend before I head off to Petrified National Park for 3 nights with Kathy. Can't wait to take photos there, her photos have been amazing of it and the Painted Desert. She does some major hiking to get them, I won't be but I am sure I will capture some good stuff. I shall take my laptop along, she gets sketchy internet access though.

Y'all have a great week, ya hear! I am looking forward to hearing about them.