I didn't come in to the office yesterday as instructed as the painting and carpet laying was supposed to be done and the cupboards put back up. The painting got done, well most of it, there is no carpet in the conference room right next to reception and the table and chairs were in the client waiting area right at the front door.

Pam was going to come in to load up the upper cupboards and put stuff back on the shelves behind the front desks. I called her and said the cupboards weren't up yet so there was no reason for her to come in. She said they are supposed to be coming in today, so I said if they do and hang the cupboards I will give her a call.

In the meantime I dragged the conference room table and chairs in to the floor agent area in case some clients came in, the reception area will look halfway decent. I hope they don't look over the counter in to where I am sitting. I am lucky they left room for the chair I am sitting in to move out. The wall cupboards are on the floor either side, I had to move one to get the keys out to unlock a drawer. Stuff is piled high on the desk, I cleared a space so I can see the monitors to try and get some work done. I've got no floor agent, so I hope I don't get any calls. There are no agents out the back either.

Anyway, I am here so I got time to mess about on here, so that's good!

Yesterday Pam came by at home, she was suitably impressed with my fabulous home, then we toddled up to Catalina to eat some Mexican food at Mi Tierra. She used to live in Catalina as a kid, her parents still live there, I'm surprised GPS doesn't recognized Catalina, it is part of Tucson but it's like 30-35 miles north, it's own lil town. We both shared a cheese crisp, a giant flour tortilla smothered in cheese, about the size of a large pizza, then we smothered it in Guacamole. Nice lil snack! We both had a green corn tamale and chile reallanos too, both pretty tasty. We both had a frozen Margarita, it was abysmal, melted way too fast, no buzz at all from it, tasted more like a lemon slushie from 7-11. Won't be ordering one of those again, the food was fine. They had a guitarist playing and singing the standards like 'Margaritaville'.

Then on to the Desert View Theater in a senior community called Saddlebrooke even further north. It is kinda tucked in a valley away from Oracle Rd noise. I had been to the theater once before. VERY nice venue, maybe 15 rows back and 30 across. The FourEver Tops were singing with a trio band behind them. A nice trip down memory lane with songs from the biggies like The Temptations, some do wop. The guys were pretty ancient, made jokes about being old, all spiffed up in beautiful blue sparkling suits. It was fun, Pam and I were dancing in our seats, the most animated in the whole place. The sound was not good, the band was drowning out the singers, the same problem the last time I went. We could hardly hear the falsetto singer.

Well, here I am! http://marrymeintucson.net/officiants Just want him to change the last sentence to 'Love blossoms when Open Hearts Unite' and change the phone number to my cell number. When business starts booming I will get a fancy phone. Best that clients can reach me any time, anywhere. He told me to just get cards made for Open Hearts Units (OHU) and I can give him some blurb about OHU to put on his website. I cannot believe how generous this man is. I told him I might just want a link to my website when he has finished it, but that's it. I was going to get business cards for MMIT but he told me not to. I am working under his company until he decides what he wants to do, we have a partnership under MMIT, he sells out to me or what. So I thought I should get business cards for his business. I don't want to rush him to get my website done, he is working full time as well all this stuff. I'll have to find a present for him.

Anyway, the dudes are here putting up cupboards, making a racket, Pam will be here soon to load 'em up.

Hope your days are grand!