Didn't get much reading done this morning, no swim either. I am all gung ho on making this business work for me.

I emailed Kent with my website ideas in a PowerPoint presentation to see what he comes up with. He uses a certain web builder, that I forgot the name of, where he can get the domain for me and start the website and I can edit it. That will take longer than just putting me up on his website, so he can put me on his website first. I hope I don't overwhelm him with my requests, I am offering to help any way I can. Of course if I get weekend gigs from my website I will offer them to him until I get enough gigs to give up the realtor weekend job, that won't be hard, 2 days work there is equal to one 'No Frills' ceremony fee. He doesn't see me as competition as he doesn't need the $ from officiating anymore. Very kind of him nevertheless to help me.

Thinking about marketing I emailed the LGBT center here in Tucson, firstly volunteering my admin skills during the week and asking if they have advertising opportunities on their website. They had some flashing ads from orgs that have donated, maybe we can do that.

I'm having fun creating business cards. Here is an idea:

I had to choose a Universal font that I can use on the website too, not as pretty as I would like but it is kind of elegant. I love the black background for impact. That is just reflection of the shiny black card on the back.

I sent it to Denise and she hates it, says the pic looks like breasts and the words are too mushy. She always tells it like it is in her eyes, how about your eyes?

I did get to the wedding at the park, but I forgot my camera! People were leaking from their bodies in the heat and humidity until a beautiful breeze swept through and then they were just leaking from their eyes. EVERYBODY was shedding a few tears, the most beautiful, personally written vows I have ever heard. The bride was in a beautiful blue mid calf dress, she was stunningly beautiful. Her parents were out from India for the ceremony. Some people were streaming the ceremony to India on their cell phones.

As Kent and I were walking to our cars he said he has a wedding on the 31st, 100 people, he asked if I want to do it. I had a look of surprise on my face, so he said 'perhaps you want to start with a smaller ceremony', I said 'Yes, please!'. I can't do it anyway, it is on a weekend. It's getting REAL!

8/24 Update, Kent said the same thing as Denise, this design is nuked!