They didn't need me as a witness after all. He came with his parents and two other women and she came with her two sisters. They didn't have a specific venue they wanted so he asked them to come to him. There was a whopper of a storm that stopped just when they arrived, so it was too wet to have the ceremony outside in the garden.

I captured this hurriedly, his Dad was all over the place taking photos, the ceremony was very quick.

He is all of 19 and she is 18. He reports for basic training on Saturday and is deployed October 1st. I got choked up watching them.

I am observing another ceremony tomorrow at 5:45pm at the Saguaro West National Park about 45 mins. from home, an East Indian couple. Kent says they are adorable. Another reason why I can't work tomorrow, I didn't know if I had permission to attend this ceremony or not, I have to leave home about 4:00pm as I want to drive the scenic route.

Kent and I had a good discussion before they all arrived. We are going to meet again to go through the website to make changes, decide on marketing we are going to do (like magnets on our cars) and other facets of the business. He is going to add me to the website, just under him, he thinks it is ok as he is not 'tight' with Rev. Wendy who is also on the website. She and her husband generate their own business through their own website, they are there as backups.

He hasn't got any weddings booked at the moment. He had 3 requests for October 12th but he is officiating at his nephews wedding that day which is a Saturday. We've got to build up the business and get me officiating.

Exciting stuff! I'm enjoying this and really want to make a go of it.