'Stars'. There are some terrific role models like LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool J). He's now 45, is a rapper and also acts. I loved him in 'Toy Story' with Robin Williams. He and his wife of 29 years have 4 kids, he is going to run for Mayor of Detroit. I wish him well and think he would do a world of good. Might he be a politician that isn't in it for himself?!? There is a good chance, let's hope he doesn't get tainted.

A female actor I admire is Sandra Bullock, looking fab at 49, handled her whole 'jerk of a husband cheatin' on her' scandal with total class and is raising her boy on her own. OK she has terrible taste in men, but she is always smiling, taking on fun parts in movies and holding her head high.

I was sad to see at the end of 'Rizzoli & Isles' latest episode a dedication to Lee Thompson Young, who plays Det. Frost, he took his own life at 29 years of age. That is one show where I like all the characters, well Jane Rizzoli's mother can get a bit whiney with her baby voice. There are so many that have casts of dozens where there are a few that I don't like so can't watch the show.

I met with McKenna from the realtors office to work on her bulk mailing project yesterday. After 1hr50mins, two online chats and 1 phone call with SOC, it seemed that we weren't going to be able to achieve what we wanted to. The bulk card setup is very basic. Only comes in side opening 2 panel cards or flat cards, neither seemed suitable for her project mainly as the front photo is landscape, and to format and manipulate the text to go sideways seemed impossible. She left disappointed and I was embarrassed but I wasn't going to give up. SOC gave us each 20 free points as it seemed it wasn't going to work for us, I gave her my 20. She was very gracious.

After she left I played around with it and thought I could make it work. I emailed her asking for her photo, contacts details, blurb and neighborhood photo and managed to create what she wanted in about an hour. I took photos of it and sent them to her asking her if it is what she wants. If it is, she has to recreate it in her own account, it will be fiddly, I think she needs a real mouse, not the mouse pad, to be able to manipulate the text without going insane. I can help her, she can save it and open a copy to change the text and front photo for a different neighborhood, there are 3 that she is targeting. She is so darned cute and enthusiastic I didn't want to let her down.

Unfortunately I won't get any financial benefits from this as I have to have a subscription signed up already to get credit. At least I learned a lot and will have one happy customer. She was thrilled to make a free card and send it to her brother with great photos of them on it, so she will be using SOC personally as well as professionally. It warmed my heart!

Today for me is lolling about, the D-backs baseball is on at 9:35am, then off to the pool, and the wedding where I am a witness is on at 6pm, I will be there at 5:30 to meet Kent and watch him in action. I am going to take my camera to get a shot of him officiating and photos of the couple for the website if Kent wants them. If they need me as a witness they might not have anybody to take photos so I will for them. Can't imagine getting married and not having photos!

I gave up on the SHRED eating plan, just wasn't working for me. Perhaps because I don't do the aerobic frantic exercise that it requires. Just going back to eating regularly and not obsessing about it and let weight fall where it may. I did some work on losing weight with Jay Dee on Tuesday afternoon, another amazing EFT session where we had a load of laughs and a great chat afterwards. We kept breaking out singing 'I did it MY WAY!' Oh how I'd LOVE a partner like him! But he'd have to live next door. ;-)

I did wake up feeling a bit blue at 4:30am (the sleepy time Nutri-Blast didn't work) but I can feel my mood lifting JUST fine again. YAY!!! I have a wonderful life and it is only going to get better!

Hope your day is FAB-u-LOUS!

Just read this in People magazine: For Cowell (Simon), 53, who is expecting a baby with Lauren Silverman (his best friend's wife), white shirts won't stay clean long with the under-3 projectile-food set. May we suggest a Hawaiian shirt?

and here is funny vid!