I just learned that you can get 25 personalized cards, including photos, for US$0.62 each. They are printed and send in bulk from the U.S., not sure what the postage is for that though. This would be excellent for Christmas cards and even 'Save the Date' or 'Wedding Invitations' with photos of the couple on them. I'll be telling McKenna the realtor about this option in our meeting today for cards she wants to send to all homes in her neighborhood to farm for business.

Of course this is through Send Out Cards (SOC), you do not need to get a monthly subscription to do this, just open an account and through the SOC photo store you design them and charge them and the postage to your credit card.

If you want to design and get SOC to send individual cards you can buy points to purchase the cards, no subscription required again, just buy points as you need them. A 2 panel card with photos is 3 points which is $3.30 each but with the $10.80 per month subscription it is $1.47 each so it would be worth it to get a subscription that you can cancel at any time online. You do have to wait 3 months to start it up again, but the reason you are canceling most likely is that you have more points that you need and don't want them piling up. Your contacts remain in your account and you keep using the points you have accumulated. You can't lose!

These are some great deals on cards.

Sorry to be a pest, but when I heard of this great value for bulk cards (including envelopes), especially for Christmas, and there is no obligation, I just had to mention it to you all.