over. It was HUGE! Took 13 hours all up, 2hrs50mins for sealing the envelopes alone. On top of work days it was all too much. I was up at 9:30am yesterday to have a shower, cook my bacon 'n eggs and enjoy them (I HATE whole wheat English Muffins, got some real ones yesterday) and get the sealing done, to deliver it all to Lisa. Two large US Postal Services flat bed boxes were full and the envelope box was full also, all envelopes standing on end. Put the left over letters, envelopes, and business cards in the envelope box lids. $156 for that. I didn't get to the bank, my stupid printers won't scan the check for my bank. Not compatible or some such tripe! I hate going to banks like I hate going to post offices. My bank is inside a Safeway store and that strip mall is PITA to get out of to go the right direction, always tons of traffic around it.

Then on to the stores, Walmart first, then on to Trader Joes. They had their special on nectarines again, 12 of them for $4.99! I got 2 boxes. YUMMO! Great way to end the summer fruit season. Got some pineapple spears too, kills my mouth to eat them (I sleep with my mouth open, it dries out and I have lots of little 'cuts' inside above my upper lip), but they are soooooooooooo delicious! More blueberries, the last 2 large punnets for $2.99 each for smoothies in a bowl of cottage cheese, the price will be up next time I go. I couldn't get dates for my PM sleepy time smoothie, have to stop by Sprouts on the way home today.

Mom called last night to congratulate me on my first 'witnessing' at a wedding ceremony. She spent 5 minutes telling me I couldn't possibly have my credentials to do a wedding ceremony, I must have to do more training , blah blah blah. I said I was credentialed in the State of Arizona, as if I would do 'illegal' ceremonies, sigh. She never gives me a break, nothing like your own mother bringing you down. To part she had to have a dig at me about forgetting Dad's birthday last year (I've already created a special card for him, scheduled to be mailed a week before his birthday. I've also done one for their anniversary, I hope she gets SOME enjoyment out of that.), she did not have to say anything about me for forgetting her birthday, she is a martyr after all! Ahhhh, relatives, I'm glad they are in another country.

I watched a movie, well tolerated it, last night, another family drama around a wedding, drug addicted kid, split families vying for importance, I tuned out. I don't do conflict. Ended up starting to watch a series called 'Alpha' about a bunch of folks that have 'super powers' that solve crimes. Pretty interesting actually, they don't run around in costumes, use their powers discreetly, like the power to persuade people to do something, the power to read waves and find people via their cell phones (how that is possible with millions of waves out there, law enforcement can find them down to a few hundred feet with GPS chips in them), the FBI dude is STRONG (he moved an SUV that was blocking his driveway), and a couple of other 'beautiful' (where are the ugly, fat ones?) people with powers I can't remember.

I'll bake some sweet potatoes this morning, to go with all the turkey I bought yesterday. Froze some of it, will last a few weeks for lunch and dinner. A lazy morning now, essentially, I deserve it, then off to Jay Dee for another EFT session. Some baseball and basketball for evening enjoyment, maybe another episode or two of 'Alpha'.

McKenna, the young, eager, realtor is coming by tomorrow afternoon to see what she can do with Send Out Cards for her business. I will have a swim before she comes over. It will be exciting to see all that she will be doing to build her business with it. She will also have fun sending cards to family and friends. I will send a Thank You card to Chris in the office, she is a distributor also, she told me she suggested McKenna use me instead of her, very kind of her to give me the business. She had to choose SOC or real estate to earn a living, she decided to stay in real estate. It is tough to get established, 2 of the new realtors gave up and got 'real' jobs. McKenna has the financial back up of her parents so she will be fine, Terri is struggling but has to persevere as she has never done any other job.

Got 3 more Robert B Parker books to read, he is such a great writer, they are fun and fast to read.