I'll be able to breath/relax some on Monday afternoon after I hand in the bulk mailing job.

Yesterday, Pam was in the office for 5 hours with me, so I had to behave, I had plenty of work to do anyway. The office is in a shambles, they are repainting all the walls and then putting down new carpet., so it will be chaotic for a week or two.

Terri was in yesterday as the floor agent in the afternoon, she is trying her darndest to get some business, she had a flourishing realtor business in Florida and gave it up to be closer to her Mom & Dad. It is all she knows work wise, so she is standing in as floor agent for folks that can't make it, attending tons of classes during the week etc. Her 2nd husband died leaving her with nothing. We chatted some, she can't afford to do lunch on Monday, that's ok. We chatted a while but then I had to concentrate on scheduling some Open Houses.

Just before I left for the day I got an email from a new young realtor, McKenna. Her mother is a successful realtor in the office and her father is the lender. She wants help to do a mailing to her local neighborhood to 'farm' some business and become known as 'the go to gal in real estate' in her 'hood through (drum roll) 'Send Out Cards' of course! My first customer, YAY!! I thought I had her attention a couple of weeks ago, seems it worked.

So after relaxing after work for an hour watching the end of the D-Backs game, they won, I stuffed envelopes for 2 hours, had some dinner, then wrote McKenna an email asking some questions to figure out the best way to fulfill her needs through SOC cost effectively. I had to do some research too about campaigns and bulk card purchases. I will meet with her this week to discuss her options and show her how to design the cards, upload her contacts etc.

Then I created a Gratitude card for Denise, she gave me some tips on creating business spreadsheets for SOC and my www.marrymeintucson.com work. I added pics of us together in NYC and Brisbane last year and a great colorful Gratitude graphic and sent if off to her in Australia for 56 cents. Their local postage is 11 cents more than ours. Australia an expensive place to live in general.

I have a few hours this morning before work, so I thought I'd do this blog, read a bit and Ketley wanted to play catch with a giant paperclip she found. Only 6 hours in the office today, then more stuffing of envelopes when I get home while watching basketball then I will look at spreadsheets, there should be some ready made templates to use in Excel.

I want to get my minister credentials laminated, I might invest in a laminating machine, it might be good to laminate a copy of the vows I do for couple's ceremonies for them, to take away as keepsakes. I've got a copy of the vows for the wedding on the 22nd to use as a template but of course I would like to develop my own style and webpage. I will ask Kent if I create my webpage for 'Open Hearts Unite' whether he can link it to www.marrymeintucson.com in a way to get the Gay/Lesbian business. I've been practicing my 'new' signature as Rev. S. L. Skoog, deciding which I like best.

It's ALL good!