As you know I work on the weekend so I have settled down to having Friday and Monday as 'do nothing' days, my weekend days. I've got plenty of other time mid week to grocery shop, clean etc.

But I got an email late yesterday from Lisa saying she has the biggest yet bulk mailing yet, am I available to do it, she wants it by Monday afternoon. This one is going to take 12 hours at least. So I drove over and picked it up immediately and put the labels on the envelopes in just under 2 hours while watching old episodes of 'Castle'. Today will be stapling business cards on letters day, that will be 2-3 hours, I'll do the folding and stuffing Sat. & Sun. evenings after work, and then the sealing on Monday morning as I have a lunch with Terri from the realtors office that day. Will have to get most, if not all, done before the lunch in case it turns in to a looooong one. That will be a good $150 earned. I do have my assistant, but she is awfully lazy!

I had emailed Kent with a couple more questions about Marriage Celibrancy and hadn't heard back, but last evening I got an email saying he just got a request for a wedding on the 31st at noon in Reid Park, could I observe that one? It's a weekend, nope! Then another email pops in 'Whoops! Just got another one!' This one is on the 22nd, a Thursday, in his apartment community 5 mins. from my place. Yes, please! I have replied to that effect and let him know I will be unavailable 8/31 to 9/8 but will be raring to go after that and when would be an appropriate time for me to supply my pic and blurb for the website so I can start getting ceremonies to officiate. Would be great to have a partnership for a while if he still wants to sell me the business later.

I was dancing and prancing around the house in delight then got the idea to send Lori, my guru in San Diego, a Thank You card for getting me on the 'right path'. On the cover is a photo I took while walking in the desert, the wide open path in front of me and I wrote on it 'Thank you for guiding me to the right path, Lori...', inside top I put a floral graphic with a space in the middle to write and wrote 'I am positively BLOOMING!' Below is a pic of me at Tanque Verde ranch in front of their spring bloom display. Tis so much fun to get creative with the cards.

Last evening was BRILLIANT! Clouds were building over the mountains, could see some lightning flashes.

Before I started on the bulk mailing job I was eating dinner and saw two young coyotes heading towards the water dish.

I was able to capture them from afar, through the window while sitting on my chaise. If I tried to get up they would have scattered. Look at the sun setting on them, beautiful!

This one had an itch. So cool to catch one lying down.

You gotta be quick! They are skinny lil things.

Then I saw Jim outside, he was taking pics of the weather from the other side, west, and said there was a rainbow to the south before. So I got out there with my camera and started snapping.

The storms were coming in from both directions, interesting! Another rainbow appeared!

I know I got a pot o' gold here in my duplex.

A hummingbird was lurking around, I managed to captured its shimmering self, not as clear as I would like, but pretty good!

Back to the weather shots.

Gonna be a good storm! See the sheets of rain coming.

Made some sensational photos.

and a great sunset.

We got some good rain out of this one, best yet, but it was short 'n sweet. Lots of LOUD cracking thunder right overhead.

Mickey and Jenny, tell me more about the Androids you got. Is there anything you want them to do that they can't? You can view videos on it fine? Do you Skype on it? My TouchPad is really annoying, I've never been able to watch videos, the sound is gone, so can't Skype if I wanted to, well, silent movies I guess. ;-) When the $ start flowing in I will probably go and get one like yours, Walmart has them for $97.

I'm gonna read for a while, mess around on the PC, have some bacon 'n eggs, go for a dip in the pool and then back home to work on the bulk mailing.

Can it get any better than THIS?!?