and as we all know 'The simple things in life are often the best'.

I'm lying in bed til noon, reading, playing Solitaire, writing emails, goofing on here, surfing the web, as I do! Got the dishwasher going and a load of laundry on at 6am. Will put the towels on next. Did you know that they are supposedly the most germ infested item in your bathroom including the toilet? I find that hard to believe myself. You are supposed to wash them every 2-3 days, oops! With our (mostly) dry climate, mine don't get mildewy. They didn't mention toilet air borne particulates clinging to towels. I wash mine a lot less frequently and use cold water when I do. I have a healthy immune system. Back in the day when I worked in an office, they would have dreadful illnesses going through the a/c system, running rampant, I'd never get any of them.

I had a good call with Kristi Lee of SOC last night, she if Francoise's sponsor. She's been with SOC almost since inception 7.5 years ago. She must be mega rich. She is a very kind person and gave me some good ideas. She loved my idea of helping the 'wrinklies' design and send their cards. When I put up my flyer on the 2nd bulletin board I saw 'The Rules', one was the board is not to be used for solicitation, so the flyers will probably be torn down. Every community has their 'Nazis'! ;-)

Will call Supercuts to see if the gal that did my hair last time is there, I am way overdue for a cut. Their roster system is so weird, the stylists get their next week's shifts 3 days before it starts, they could even be sent to another store! No bookings allowed. I called one day to see if Chynna was working that day, she was, I arrived 2 hours before her shift was due to end, she had gone home early. I was ANNOYED! Does that system really get more bums in salon chairs?!? I don't get it... I guess I look older to the new stylists there, they have been giving me the senior discount, $12.95 for a haircut, works for me!

I had rushed home from a peaceful swim (nobody was there at the small pool) to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks (love that name) play baseball. It wasn't on TV! Only on 'special' pay for MLB channel. Harumph! I could listen to it on the radio on the internet for a fee or watch some weird kinda simulation for free. I settled for the latter, took a while to figure out what was what, but it turned out to be satisfactory on the bigger monitor. The D-Backs won in the 14th inning, games are 9 innings, took a long time to break the tie. All 3 games against the Baltimore Orioles ended that way. Go D-Backs, they are doing pretty well, worth watching for the rest of the season, a couple more months. I always like to support local teams. The Phoenix Mercury (women's basketball) are doing pretty well. They have the best player in the league now, Britney Greiner, but she keeps getting injured, the rest of the team isn't deep enough to win without her.

I had a couple more questions for Kent about the Wedding Officiant business, I sent them in an email a couple of days ago. No answer as yet. Still waiting to hear if I can attend the wedding on the 23rd to observe also.

Pam is going to be in the office on the weekend, that will make a slow day go faster, she will be good company and give me stuff to do. We do dinner and a show on the 24th, that will be fun. Her birthday was yesterday, I sent her a card and 2 brownies, she loved them.

Lately I have been letting Kaiya lick running water off my hand instead of letting it drip and she tries to catch it, this is less messy. She gets so excited, gets her lil squealing thang going on. The before bedtime ritual is I have to toss a mouse to get Ketley to chase it so I can get in my bedroom and shut the door before she returns the mouse to me. Some nights she will miaow at the door for a while, one night last week she was FAST and got in the bedroom. I let her linger while I brushed my teeth, then I tossed her out.

I missed my dental appointment, knew it was soon, kept forgetting to call to find out, they sent an email saying they couldn't get me on the phone (oops forgot about my new phone number), I didn't see it until the day after the appointment. Have to make another, that'll be weeks away...

Time for some Cheerios with almond milk, Green juice, fruit and toast.

Have a swell day if you are not already!