with my bestest friend in the world, Denise, affectionately known as D'Neesha, last night. She is doing well, loves her 3 day a week job and her manager loves her, oops I forgot to ask if she got her heel cups to help with her painful feet. I did ask about her SIL, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up losing most of one of her breasts. Turns out that her previous mammogram, the report that went with it was somebody else's, the doc didn't even notice, didn't even look at the film, declared everything, after reading the report, was fine without even looking at the film! SIL is suing. Sounds like it is worth pursuing in between all the chemo and radiation therapy. More really tough times ahead for her.

Rob is back in Chile, will be home September 10th and is never going back. He discovered fraud in the company and the managers didn't have the balls to fire the perpetrators, moved them to other departments. Rob came back from Sydney and blasted them and they asked him to fire the employees which he did. They had his replacement but ummed and ahhed so long by the time they made him an offer he got a promotion in his own company and wouldn't budge. Robert is going to Lima, Peru today for a mini vacation then back to find another person to replace him. He said he is going to retire when he gets home, folks in the company in Bris Vegas office are having their hours cut so there probably won't be any work for him there anyway. Denise says she will believe it when she sees it, he said the same thing last December...

I wasn't sure if Rob wants to come and stay at my home here in the U.S., he never has, I meet them elsewhere or Denise comes on her own. Denise says he does want to come, might not be next April but definitely the following one. He has managed to reverse his diabetes, that's great, just has the deteriorating liver to deal with.

I'm surprised that Rob said that he thinks I would be a great Marriage Officiant. Denise, like all my friends, said I have to do my due diligence, look at Kent's books etc., before I think of purchasing the company, as if I hadn't thought of it. She is on board to look at them with me, as an accountant herself. Funny that, how ALL my friends didn't think I would do something like that, I feel like a Goldie Hawn, silly and dumb on the outside, smart and serious on the inside. LOL And I will continue to be that way! ;-)

Purchasing the company is a long way off, if at all. I'm gearing up to do my first wedding in mid September. I'm thinking that Kent still enjoys officiating weddings, might not want to give it up all together. I'd be just fine with that, 6 ceremonies a month would bring in $1,500 for me. If he advertises more and we get in the gay/lesbian niche too, I could make/do more. BUT I am going to revel in the joy and love of the ceremonies myself, the $ are helpful but I wanna share the LOVE! I hope I don't get too emotional...

I'm gonna have some bacon 'n eggs today, been a long time! I had a Sleepy Time smoothie before I went to bed last night, there are 6 in the book, I mixed 2 together as I didn't have the right ingredients for either. I certainly did sleep better than I did the previous 2 nights. They tend to have things cashews, dates, figs, berries and spinach in them. I've discovered I don't like Kale, it makes a smoothie taste too 'green', where Baby Spinach gives it a sweeter taste, at $1.88 for a decent size bag, I'll add it to all my Smoothies. LOVE that Bullet!

Off for a swim today I think. Got a call with my SOC sponsor's sponsor at 6pm. Don't see why that is necessary, she will ask what can she do to help, well she can get 2 people to sign up as distributors under me and get some people to buy subscriptions, but she isn't going to do that now is she? I am not a sales person, not going to 'attack' every person I see to 'sell' SOC to them, I will pass the word quietly, hand out my card. If I get a hit from my flyers at the pool I will call a nursing home and ask somebody if they think it would fly at their facility. I've tried realtors and got nothing, I'm not traipsing all over town... Just not me. I really thought designing and sending greeting cards easily and cheaply would appeal to a lot of people, more fool me. ;-)

I just love it when one of the cats is sitting near on the bed and I start talking all goo goo to them and their tails and toes starting going and they just HAVE to come up and get some lovin'. This morning it was Kokee and then Ketley came running. Kaiya, it is always on her terms.

Have a fun day, if you are not already, ain't NOBODY gonna burst MY bubble!