for the Accounting Assistant role, 12 hours a day $15 an hour.

Apparently not, she's interviewed a lot people, this week and last and already offered the job to an 18 year old in accounting school, is giving her 8 hours a week, but 'just wanted to meet me'.

She was working in a commercial real estate office with 5 partners, the partnership broke up, she is sharing an office with 3 guys, ex partners, and thought she'd bring me in because I have 25 years secretarial experience and is basically looking for them IF they want an Executive Assistant.

I could have been rude and said 'You could have called and told me that and asked if I still wanted to come in.', but I sucked it up, she is a really nice person, when she gets her own office in a few months she will have an office cat. I told her I only want a part time role, mid week and not a secretarial role, she took notes and will keep me in mind for other small businesses that I could help out. Alrighty then!

I heard back from Kent, he has the wrong contract linked to the website, so that cleared up the errors in the contract issue. He explained the paperwork, I don't need to go to the County Clerk Office I just put the duplicate of the marriage license with 5 signatures on it, in an envelope and mail it. The certificate I got with Reverend Certification are fancy extras IF the couple want them.

About 'handing over the business' he replied 'Well, that's for the future. I would imagine a sale to you if you'd like, but it's all very vague and misty right now.'​

So, we are waiting to hear from the bride of the 23rd wedding to see if I can attend to observe, when I get comfortable I can do the weekday weddings, that suits me right now. So I will keep that alive.

I did pin my SOC blurb up on the bulletin by one of the pools on the way home, see if anything comes of that. If so, I might visit a nursing home and see if they would be interested in me talking to some residents to see if I can help them. $9.80 a month is affordable to most folks. I might charge $10 for the hour or so I would spend with each of them to set up their accounts and create cards for 6 months or so.