with Jay Dee. He is a master at EFT. We crammed a lot in on all sorts of topics, he gave me 1.5 hours. We were laughing and sharing in between rounds of tapping on the Meridians. I came out ZINGING!

He thinks I would be great at a marriage officiant. He said his son has asked him to officiate his wedding so he is going to pick my brain about getting certified as a minister. He has a friend that officiates gay & lesbian ceremonies, I asked if I could have her email address to pick her brain in that area. So nice to be able to help each other out.

I emailed Kent with some questions I had about the contract, found some errors in it too. Asked exactly what he meant by me 'taking over the business', if I have to buy it or what. I know I would want to change the website some if I takeover.

I've got the Accounting Assistant position interview tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Watch, I will get that job. I told her I would commit to Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoons, if I have weddings to officiate during the week I may have to see if I can shift afternoons to mornings some times. I will ALL work out!