in the Bullet container when I was done drinking. Apparently not!

In my rush to get the trash out, I heard the truck coming and realized that I hadn't put the trash out. I got my robe on and carried the container and other remnants of breakfast on my lil tray thingy (actually a cutting board) and the container fell of and splattered blueberry tainted juice down my legs and across the carpet about 2' wide and 8' long.

Picked it up and got it soaking in the sink then got the trash bag out and ran for the front door. I had to unlock the gate and got the bag to the guy just as he arrived.

Then back to the blueberry stains. Dozens of dots of blue on the carpet. I got the small glad I mix up OxyClean in with some water and started pouring it on the stains and wiped furiously with paper towel to get it out. I think I got most of it out, there will be some lighter 'stains' as the OxyClean cleans the dirty carpet too. Who knows how long ago it got cleaned, but not before I moved in, it's pretty gross.

I did the best I could, the carpet is quite soaked in places, have to go back and stamp on paper towels on it to soak up some of the moisture. Cats stay away!

My legs are stained, I will have to scrub like heck in the shower.

Quite the relaxing morning, NOT! ;-)