that the song "I Will Always Love You" that was made more famous by Whitney Houston was actually written by Dolly Parton for Porter Wagoner. This vid explains it all. Interesting!

I'm reading a cute lil book about a writer who wrote a book on Female Country artists and was writing another about male country artists but she 'supposedly' fell down some concrete steps and died. I'm still reading it but there is more to her story, her mother was a young slut who a few later was 'supposedly' beaten to death by her BF, and her sister raised this gal. It also about her search for her father, unknown. Quite an interesting segue for a murder mystery, 'Miss Me When I am Gone' - Emily Arsenault. Her mother asks her friend to go through all the material and perhaps try and finish the book. There are snippets from the many notebooks like "Just Someone That I Used to Know" where she talked about watching Youtube vids of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton. Which led me further.

She described Porter as being 'tall and lanky, with a long horsey face, a goofy smile, and a red-blond pompadour', so I had to go and have a look. She was spot on! You know what Dolly is like. They did some great duets, classic country music.

Just being lazy this morning after BORING work on the weekend, I hope it picks up in Fall like everybody claims. Had some good chats and met a new agent, she was there with her daughter who is just starting out in the business. Terri was the floor agent on Saturday so we yakked all afternoon. I am going to lunch with her on the 19th.

Off to have a session with Jay Dee this afternoon, I really want to get over my fear of public speaking and give this marriage officiant thing a go. Who knows what will happen with the business, perhaps Kent and I can share it, he does weekend gigs and I do weekday gigs. I'll keep the weekend job for a while, especially if they sponsor me as a Notary Public. I'll probably get the Accounting Assistant job and have 7 part time jobs! LOL I'm still gonna make sure I have 3 days off a week somehow, well at least 2 full ones and 1 or 2 half days.

This morning's smoothie is avocado, blueberries, cantaloupe and almond milk, REALLY rich and thick and TASTY!