I met Kent today after work. A very nice guy. He owns the business, a LLC. The other 3 officiants, he just put them on his website out of the goodness of his heart. The couple gets tons of business on their own, the other gal he works with at his day job has only done one ceremony through his website.

I was thinking I might be able to join his stable BUT he said 'It might be a lil early but if this works out I could hand over the company to you.' He recently received a promotion and large salary increase at his day job and doesn't need the $ from 'Marry me in Tucson' any more. From our chat he said he thought I'd be great at it, I can carry my voice and have a fun personality.

I asked about worst experiences and best experiences. Worst, he had 2 weddings in a day, he was very sick, just got through the first and had to call and say he couldn't do the 2nd, he got the other guy to do it. He forgot to tell the guy it was formal, he showed up in cords and a button down shirt. The bride was furious and he refunded the full fee. He has done some fun, short ceremonies in parks, chapels, all sorts of places. Has only done one commitment ceremony and loved doing it.

He told me to look over the contract, gave me a special link, and he will ask a couple getting married on the 23rd if I can lurk and observe him. When he next meets with a couple to see if they would like him to do the ceremony, I can tag along. For 5-10 mins. he gets $200, sometimes he doesn't even meet the couple, they make arrangements via email. He has had up to 5 ceremonies in a weekend. He said if he advertised more he could totally make a living out of it. He is a programmer at UofA and said I could keep the website and he would maintain it for me.

Oh boy, talk about something dropping in to my lap! How serendipitous! But I am shit scared. Enter Jay Dee, an EFT practitioner, I've got an appointment with him on Monday. See how he can help me. I asked Kent what times/days are typical for ceremonies, he said there is no typical time or day. I said I could perhaps take the weekday ones, he was totally open to that. We could have a partnership until I take over the reins.