I started making up a spiel to put on the bulletin boards by the pools in my community.

As I was creating it I thought of going a bit further:


Do you enjoy sending greeting cards, but it is too difficult to get to the store to buy them, not to mention getting the correct postage?
If you have a computer you can select a desin or create your own card and get it mailed through U.S. Postal Service all online, no need to go out.
If you don't have a computer I would be happy to come to your home with mine and I can help you create and send cards for your family and friends for any occasion. There are hundreds of designs to choose from or create your own with your own photos.
Call me and I can get you set up online or I can be online for you. No need to miss any occasion now. Create your own cards and have lots of fun doing it!
Wouldn't that be fun? For me and the elderly or infirmed customer? Go to their own home, with my laptop and large monitor so they can see and choose the card and I can do all the work on my laptop for them. We can create a bunch of them at once and pre-date them to go out when they need to. I would charge just a small fee for my work.

I'll put it up on the message boards at the pools and see if I get any bites. If I do I will hunt out other senior community message boards.

My black bean soup turned out great! Nice 'n thick, onion-y and cumin-y. Brought some to work. It is DEAD quiet today. 1 phone call in 3.5 hours. The real sour puss in the office has been all sweetness and light, I kill her with kindness to make sure she doesn't 'turn' on me. ;-)