I got up about 11am, after finishing a book. Went in to my laptop in the living room and wrote an email to Jim, the branch manager at the realtor office. Asked if he would be interested in sponsoring me to become a notary public. I mentioned that a few people had come in on the weekend looking for one, if I did notarize documents for people they might be inclined to give the realtor some business.

He came back and said that during the week they have the gal in the title company next door to notarize documents BUT thinks it is a good idea to have one in the office on the weekend. So he told me to give him all costs, $43 to Arizona Secretary of State and I gave him the link to the packages for the journal, the stamp, insurance and bond. He has to present it to corporate to get it paid for me, let's see what he comes back with.

I have an appointment with the marriage registrant after work tomorrow. We are meeting at Starbucks. I will treat him to whatever he wants to eat/drink and pick his brains and explain how I think he could mentor me. Then he might want me to join his stable of registrants. Worth a try!

I had a lovely 45 min. frolic in the pool, and a read for half an hour. It was 100F there. The only person I saw was a neighbor, Don, he went in and out of the clubhouse. I asked him if there was a bulletin board in there, he said, no, there is one over between the bathrooms. I checked it out and there is plenty of space for me to put up a spiel about Send Out Cards. I will have those little tear off sections at the bottom with my website on it. I will keep the blurb simple to appeal to the old folks.

When I got home I cooked up some onions, tossed in butternut squash, chicken stock and cumin and it is simmering. Will put it in the bullet to make it smooth 'n creamy for a few meals. I've also got some onions, black beans to simmer up with more stock 'n onions. Sounds delicious I hope it is! I manage to burn the new oven glove I have, turned on the wrong burner where it was lying, one of the hazards of having a flat cooktop. Then overcooked the onion, the knob turns the opposite of the way you think it should.

Here is my new viewing setup.

The mini laptop at the front is connected to the monitor at right front and that's the TV in the background, pretty cool huh? So I can be watching TV and gaze over at the basketball at the same time, while I am playing Solitaire on the TouchPad of course.