that is what is necessary with Kokee. He prefers paper rolled in to a ball, we used to play a lot until you know who came along, she always has to take over. So when Kokee wanted to play fetch this morning we had to keep it quiet. We got a half dozen throws in before he became distracted. A few minutes he came to me with a miaow, I asked him where it was, he looked around, didn't see it, I didn't either so he went and spread out on the bathroom tiles.

Max asked me if I checked if a company had BBB accreditation, I replied I go by my intuition. If something doesn't turn out right I needed to learn a lesson. Is that naivete (childlike innocence)? The lessons learned give me more wisdom, seems we need to strike a medium. I just read this quote by Madonna "Children always understand. They have open minds. They have built in shit detectors." I like having some naivete, I have been made fun of for having it, I am constantly exploring, trying new things, if it works for me great, if it doesn't try something else. Rather do that than be stuck in sameness, but that's just me. I wonder if I have ADD sometimes, but would I take a drug for it, NO WAY! So I am better off not knowing and keep exploring. ;-)

Ever consider eating grape stalks? This mornings smoothie, I decided to mix fruit with vege. The eating plan says fruit or vegie shake, nah, both. So I put Kale at the bottom of the container (I'd never eat that stuff on its own), tossed in some grapes still on the stalk (good nutrients in the stalks apparently, they prefer seeded grapes too), and a large handful of blueberries. They said to eat a carton of vanilla yogurt on the side, I tossed that in too. Topped it off with water, up to the line and I blasted it. Turned out a lovely shade of puce, and tasted MIGHTY fine! I may not be losing weight but I am stuffed full of good nutrients! ;-)

What did you do different today?